Sunday, October 29, 2006

Kevin Litten for Iowa Governor

Nestled safely in his mountaintop bunker in Montana, Bawb probably doesn't care who wins the Iowa governor's race. But for those of us stuck here in occupied Iowa, it is a matter of some importance. (Okay, Bawb doesn't have a mountaintop bunker, but I understand that he has stockpiled a box of Chiclets in his sock drawer.) I recently corresponded via email with the Libertarian candidate for the Iowa governorship, Mr. Kevin Litten. (Picture at left.)

Ben: You weren't on the televised gubernatorial debates. How does the establishment media justify not inviting you, even though you're on the ballot?

Kevin Litten: In America we have a “free” press. What this means is that unless the mere mention of your name sells papers or increases ratings (i.e. you have celebrity status) you can have all the press you can buy. I don’t know that I have seen an actual candidates’ debate in my lifetime. What we have now are actually sponsored forums. Candidates don’t debate each other but give timed sound bites on prearranged forums. This gives the impression of fairness. It is actually a media circus set up to increase market share for the sponsor or ingratiate the candidates towards them. It is not about ideas or issues. People who believe it is the role of the media to disseminate the truth are living in a fantasy world.

Ben: The two plans offered by the Republikrats on improving education appear to be: a) Dump more money into public schools. b) Test and evaluate public schools, then dump more money into them. Is there a third alternative?

Kevin Litten: To improve our schools there must be real choice and real competition. There should be as many choices between schools as there are for grocery stores. Students should be able to move from one school to another as they please. They should be able to get their education at home, from a private school, over the internet, or from a government run tax funded school. The government could give the student a voucher and they could us (sic) it at the school of their choice. We unfortunately can’t do this yet because of federal regulations but the movement is underway. Iowa’s charter school law essentially outlaws charter schools. It needs to be changed. Good teachers ought to be paid better than poor teachers and teachers should have the choice of moving between schools too.

Ben: As a working pharmacist, you have a unique perspective on healthcare that the two career politicians seeking the governorship don't have. Is there a problem with healthcare in Iowa? If so how do we improve it?

Kevin Litten: So many of Iowa’s health care problems come from our federal government’s interference, as Allan (sic) Greenspan used to say, “those strategies only make sense because of the perverse tax incentives we have today.” Until that cycle can be broken one way out would be medical savings accounts. You would buy a catastrophic health plan from an insurance company and then put another amount of money into a tax free savings account to cover minor medical problems, if needed. After the account reaches a certain size you wouldn’t need to pay into it anymore and could draw interest from it or use it as collateral for loans. This gives the holder an incentive to stay healthy, something few of our plans have today.

Ben: Bawb and I are avowed gun nuts. Would you like to see any changes in Iowa's gun law's?

Kevin Litten: Sorry to be lazy here, but I found a group that is close enough to my own feelings that I’ll let them do the talking for me: I notice that both Jim Nussle and Chet Culver are A rated by the NRA. So a vote for any one of us could be seen as a pro-gun vote.

Ben: As governor, would you push for any changes in Iowa's taxes?

Kevin Litten: Iowa is generally ranked as a tax hell, one of the bottom ten states for individuals or corporations. We can’t bring those rates down until we reduce the size of Iowa’s government, no other gubernatorial candidate is talking about doing that except me. By the time government gives you everything you want it will have taken from you everything you have. Most people would rather have a smaller government with fewer services than a large expensive one that tries to provide too many things. Smaller governments are also less prone to corruption although I would like to see more transparency in Iowa’s expenditures no matter what size it is.

Ben: Anything else you'd like to add?

Kevin Litten: Throughout my campaign I have met the nicest people. I have received the kindest words of encouragement and support. I have been treated courteously where ever I went. This is such a surprise when I consider how dysfunctional (can I say corrupt) our political system is.

Ben: If anyone would like to help out in these last days before the election, what can they do?

Kevin Litten: In the 10 days or so remaining please let your online friends know that it is better to vote for what you want and not get it than to vote for what you don’t want and receive it. Your vote for me will send a message to whoever wins that you want fewer taxes and less government. It is all about being heard. Send that message by voting against them. Please vote for me this November. Thank you –

Ben: Thank you very much for your time Mr. Litten.


Anonymous said...

Very well done. He would sure have my vote if I were in Iowa. Here in Montana, I checked out both the Libertarians and the Constitution Party for some time before finally edging over to the latter.

I think the major problem for Third Parties is that the Republikrats and Demorats are solidly entrenched and would never willingly give up their monopoly on political power. They deliberately make laws to keep other parties out of the running and to make it nearly impossible for them to get on the ballot. Make no mistake that this is quite deliberate.

Bawb said...

Ben, how many times have I told you, it's not a bunker it's a "compound".