Friday, February 20, 2009



The times we live in are getting too interesting for me these days. I wasn't like those guys down in Cody, WY buying 10,000-round pallets of 7.62x39 when Clinton got elected. Y2K didn't scare me. 9/11 didn't send me scampering for the foxhole. But, if left unchecked, things now seem to be on the verge of spiralling completely out of control. We'll even skip all the financial chaos, like the U.S. national debt now surpassing the GNP of THE ENTIRE WORLD, (plenty of Republikrat priming and help on that one) to keep this under 200 pages.

Let's see what else we have floating around. In the collapsing ruins of the First Amendment, in addition to the "Fairness" Doctrine once more trying to rear its ugly head, we have a man in Oklahoma who had the audacity to put a sign in the back window of his car that read, "Abort Obama, Not The Unborn". A local police officer pulled him over, confiscated the sign, and contacted the Secret Service, who came to the man's home and requested to do a walk-through to make sure he did not belong to any ""hate groups". Give 'em time; the definition of hate group will soon include being a member of the NRA or the Constitution Party.

Also in First Amendment news, in a public speaking class in a Los Angeles (go figure) college, a student speaking on traditional marriage used two Bible quotes to define traditional marriage. The liberal professor, just oozing out of the liberal left's "big tent" of tolerance and diversity, stopped the speech, called the student a "fascist *******", and dismissed the class.

Exercising his right not to speak, nor to let anyone else speak, Barack Hussein Obama unleashed a snarling pack of high-power and highly paid lawyers upon anyone who dares question the Great & Powerful O. Any and all lawsuits and subpoenas, they say, regarding Barry's birth certificate, passport, and college records should be immediately thrown out and anyone who even tries to discover these things should be subject to heavy fines. Methinks they doth protest too much.

Hey, wasn't Sarah Palin's passport a big deal for awhile with the media snarling about it and she had to produce and show it? Not a peep from the Drive-bys on Barry, who went to school in Indonesia as Barry Sotero and traveled and stayed in Pakistan when American citizens were not allowed to do so. But, with our media watchdog groveling at and licking the feet of their master Barry, such issues will never see the light of day.

One last 1st Amendment issue and we'll call it a day. It's not nearly as bad as Dutch Muslims seeking to kill anyone who draws a cartoon of anything Islam, but Reverend Al Sharpton and the usual suspects are throwing a hissy fit over an AP cartoon in the New York Post that pokes fun at Travis the Chimp and the idiocracy of the Porkulus Bill. I think they give the Porkulus Bill too much credit in that anything as intelligent as a chimp could have written it. As Edward Abbey once said, "The distrust of wit is the beginning of tyranny." Boy, do the lunatics running the asylum hate wit.

Looks like we're out of time to even start on the 2nd Amendment issues, such as the good old ACORN voter fraud machine rearing its corrupt and ugly head into the new arena of harassing and narcing on gun owners. Or the issue of the O and his minions schmoozing Mexico over Canada's protests while the new AG goes after Sheriff Joe Arpio for busting illegals instead. Or the big O being AWOL in the war on terror, and weak on defense, making North Korea and Iran start sniffing for blood in the water and rattle their nuclear sabers. Or...gaaakkkk...must stop...blood pressure too high...

I do so hate living in these interesting times.

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