Saturday, June 19, 2010


Remember when George W. Bush was Satan personified because he wasn’t down in New Orleans personally siphoning water with a garden hose fifteen minuets after the hurricane hit? Remember how the media and liberals and incompetent crooked mayors and governors who did absolutely nothing and the Justice Brothers threw a hissy bitch fit? Remember that the response is still being berated to this day?

In a world populated by journalists who had more integrity than tapeworms, Uncle Sammy Obammny would be getting his ass handed to him on a plate. While there are starting to be an occasional grumble, even from Chris “Tingly Leg” Matthews, about the Emperor’s nakedness, they’ve pretty much given him a pass.

So the Anointed One continues to flounder around helplessly and cluelessly, playing golf and shooting hoops and going on vacation and to big parties and fundraisers. The “most cerebral president” shows all the intelligence, integrity, and leadership of a pouty third grader. Finding out that, as President, he can’t just vote “present” on every issue like he did in the Senate, even his cheerleaders in the state-run press are becoming rather half-hearted in trying prop him up and to blame Bush for the problem.

In fact, the Obamination Administration has been making the spill worse and is actively hindering clean-up efforts!

Starting with Norway on Day One, the regime has turned down help from some 17 nations around the world who have been offering their equipment and expertise in cleaning up oil spills. Why? Because of the Jones Act.

The Jones Act, a piece of 1920’s protectionist legislation, bans foreign vessels and crews from working in U.S. waters; only unionized workers can help out. Bush waived this act immediately for Katrina and got no credit for doing so. Everybody and his dog on the Gulf Coasts wants the expert foreign help. Obama, still pandering to the unions, refuses to waive the act, even after all this time. Where’s the media outrage?

In addition to keeping out a wide variety of expert foreign help, the inept dictatorship is now closing down domestic clean-up efforts as well.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, rather than doing absolutely nothing but run around squawking about Bush (as another governor did after Katrina), has been actively doing everything possible to get things cleaned up. Louisiana’s efforts, as with the efforts of other Gulf Coast states, once again, have run up against Federal incompetence, red tape, and regulatory interference.

Sixteen oil-sucking barges were been busy in the Gulf removing thousands of gallons of oil from the Gulf for just over a week, when they were all shut down by the Coast Guard and are now sitting idle. This time the excuse is that the Coast Guard needs to conduct safety inspections for fire extinguishers and life rafts, but “cannot contact the owners of the vessels”.

Gee, I thought this administration was nature’s friend, the greenest of the Watermelons (green on the outside, Red on the inside). The Emperor is so worried about the environment he has shut down off-shore drilling, cutting off a third of our domestic oil and putting thousands and thousands of more men out of work in an already abysmal economy.

What a great leader! How cerebral! We’d be better off with a Border Collie in the Whitehouse. At least then you’d see some action, leadership, and intelligence coming out of Washington.

I can't wait until they're running our health care.


Jim Fryar said...

I have been watching this in disbelief, although not so much lately as I am becoming used to it, in fact expect it.

Add to this the 'Packgen idiocy' and you wonder if they really want the damage restricted.

Its starting to sound like the company may be non-union, and at a rough guess they may have forgotten to make a 'political donation' or made it to the wrong crowd.

I am not sure about those border collies for President. The drovers dog won our 84 federal election but didn't do all that good in office, but I would recommend one of our blue heelers, and the kelpie is OK. This kind of dog sounds nearly as silly as Obama, but doesn't have the vicious streak which may be better.

Bawb said...

Just yesterday, all day on the radio at every news break, the state-run media was absolutely outraged that the CEO of BP was attending a yacht race. Where was all the outrage when The Big Zero attended a fund-raising gala for Babs Boxer instead of the memorial service for the dead oil workers?

And I thought heelers were cow dogs. We're a nation of sheep.

Jim Fryar said...

Pretty much saw the same although maybe not as shrill as you would have had to cop. From my experience company heads tend to be a bloody nuisance when they get all 'hands on' on site, unless you are working in their particular area of expertise.

A good CEO satisfies himself that the best people for the job are on it and gets out of the way. This stinks of manufactured outrage.