Sunday, April 21, 2013


Coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

First accelerating after 9/11 with the Bush Administration and the odious, misnamed Patriot Act and creation of the Department of Homeland Security, and then re-doubling again with the beginning of the reign of the untouchable Barack Obama, the federal government has been usurping power, demanding money, and trampling upon American rights at an unprecedented rate. has dozens, nay hundreds of agencies, employing millions, a giant jumbo-sized serving of alphabet soup. Most of these agencies are supposedly tasked with keeping our citizens safe or protecting the rule of law or both, quite often redundantly via multiple agencies.
Recently, every last one of them failed us…disastrously…again.
          One of the few things the Constitution tasks specifically to the federal government is the important mission of securing our borders. They do not, sometimes through incompetence and now increasingly through malfeasance originating within the federal government itself, instigated for political gain by men and women in the highest elected offices in the country. Our borders were wide open to two Muslim “political refugees” coming from a Chechen enclave in Kyrgyzstan. Chechnya remains the hottest hotbed of Islamic terrorism in Europe; at the time the bombers emigrated, the capital city of Grozny still lay in ruins after a months-long war between jihadists and the Russian Army. Just like our borders, the doors of Cambridge University, an elite institute of “learning” barred to the vast majority of American students, swung wide open for one of the two future terrorists.
          Through the years, the terrorists couldn’t help but to leave clues concerning the direction they were taking. In various netherworlds, vast, expensive and redundant government entities look down upon us all in Orwellian fashion, listening to our conversations, monitoring our every activity on-line, seeing what we purchase, following the GPS on our automobiles, keeping track and, perhaps more importantly to them, keeping score. They constantly demand more and more access…for instance, the IRS said just weeks ago that they do not need a warrant to intercept and read your personal email…to the last remnants of personal privacy, a right of the citizen ostensively protected by the government. All of these powers failed to notice as the bombers posted YouTube videos glorifying bombings in the name of Allah or songs like “I Will Dedicate my Life to Jihad!” or links to known radical jihadist clerics. The powers that be were too busy at the time working with the military and “intelligence sources” like the SPLC to develop profiles of real terrorists, such as “Roman Catholics” or “Evangelical Christians”, to put on government watch lists.
          The Russian Army fought another war in Chechnya against jihadists, this one leaving the confines of Grozny and spreading across the entire country. The American government, press and people did not seem to notice. A Russian intelligence agency contacted the American government, voicing concerns over ties between one of the bombers and Chechen Islamic terrorist organizations.  The American FBI found nothing of concern. Afterwards, one bomber flew out of the United States to visit “Russia”, after which he disappeared into Chechnya and Dagestan. A half a year later he came back through American Customs and Immigrations, DHS, FBI, TSA, etc. to find wide open arms and no questions, even though he was still not traveling as an American citizen.
The government agency charged with alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives does not prosecute over 99% of the criminals caught in the act of attempting to illegally purchase firearms and knowingly allowed thousands of firearms into the hands of Mexican drug cartels where they have been used to inflict some 400+ Mexican and American deaths. It should come as no surprise that this same agency also fail to notice or prevent the terrorists from building their bombs with what a recent police report now says were “military grade” explosives.
After the bombs went off, when the première federal government law enforcement agency had identified the bombers, at first they would not release photographs of them for fear of being politically incorrect. Initially, the only description they would cautiously release was to refer to the bombers as “dark-skinned”. Perhaps had their faces and descriptions been known and released earlier, the police officer who approached them while they sought to plant more bombs at the MIT campus might have been more cautious and not been shot to death by the “boys”.
They hijacked an SUV belonging to some citizen the government obviously failed to protect and fled MIT, tossing bombs out the window, severely wounding one of the pursuing police officers. The older bother was fatally wounded by police in the chase. The younger escaped.
A major American city of some three million people is besieged, not by the bombers or by an invading army, but by the government agencies still “protecting” them. Businesses are forced to close, transportation grinds to a standstill, people are imprisoned within their own homes, again not by the bombers but by the government. An army…9,000 law enforcement agents of various types, complete with armored vehicles mounting machine guns and covered by an umbrella of helicopters…march like Gestapo through residential neighborhoods of quiet, law-abiding citizens, entering homes and conducting warrantless searches at will, or pulling entire families from their homes on a whim, with no regard for the 4th Amendment and any of the other “safeguards” the government says will protect us. The terrorist remains at large despite the massive curfew and manhunt. - Family ripped from their home at gunpoint; Police storm the property looking for terrorists

 Ooops. Sorry. Wrong number. Our bad.

When an average citizen is finally allowed by the government to leave his own house, he goes to smoke a cigarette in his own backyard and thus tracks down the lone fugitive that nine thousand heavily armed trained government professionals could not.
In response, the well-conditioned sheeple of Massachusetts cheer the government which failed them every step of the way.
If you believe now that we need still more laws, more government agencies, more government agents, more military weapons in the hands of same, more taxes to support their growth, less privacy and fewer Constitutional rights, then yes, the terrorists have already won.


Jerry said...

Read last night in the media that they were surprised that 'GASP' the terrorists didn't have permits for the pistols they used. What kind of morons are these people!

Bawb said...

Let's see, ATF does not bother to prosecute more than 1% of the felons who attempt to buy a firearm (thus committing another felony)but get kicked kicked back by the background check. So, by leftist logic, the only possible solution is to give an inefficient and corrupt agency MORE background checks to run and MORE gun laws to NOT enforce (and more tax money to spend, of course). Then we will all be safe at last.

Stupid should hurt, but unfortunately the stupid don't keep it to themselves.

Jim Fryar said...

I am shocked Bawb. The press have been touting the guy who discovered this piece of shit as a hero, when his motivation to be out there was to have a smoke.

How come the SWAT squad didn't come after the home owner?