Sunday, November 24, 2013

X-Mas Idea

Bawb, here's a gift idea for all of us AR-15 shooters on your Christmas shopping list. Perhaps it might even come in 9mm!


Jim Fryar said...

I have a feeling that Bawb might prefer a blue one if you are thinking of giving him one Ben.

Still, some of our Queensland bikers might love them. Under the new anti association laws here, they can be tossed into solitary for fifteen years, (25 if an office bearer) for being a member of a prescribed organisation. While doing this, the AG has determined that they will be dressed in Pink jump suits and have a special prison all of their own, (lucky bastards)

You Yanks don't know how lucky you are.

Ben said...

What do you guys have prisons for? Isn't it a crime-free utopia since they banned your guns?

Jim Fryar said...

True Ben, it's a paradise except for the odd drive-by, home invasions, and about the same ratio of murders and gun crime as before. It seems that the gun laws were very effective at getting guns out of the hands of the law abiding public but either they forgot to tell the crims about them, or they didn't take any notice.

Bikers though, had a fist fight in a restaurant down the Gold Coast and the government has passed the VLAD Act under which the penalty for being a member of an outlaw club is longer than most murder convictions, even if the guy has left the club thirty years ago but has a tattoo or such like from those days.

There is a beautiful satirical piece on Newman that would make Bawb green with envy, and had me convinced for about half the article: