Saturday, March 25, 2017


Remember back in the day when you sent letters and packages via snail mail and they took an inexplicably long time to ever get there or simply disappeared altogether? I used to imagine them ending up on some desert island with Tom Hanks and a soccer ball. Now, thanks to the wonder of the internet and tracking numbers, I can see what really happened.

On March 16th I sent Ben a package 1st Class mail from my hometown in Montana to his in Iowa. From there it went, as usual, to Billings and then on to Des Moines, who sent it back to Billings, who promptly sent it straight back to Des Moines, who then sent it to Denver. Now, on the 25th, it is for some reason in Cheyenne, WY. That little package is getting one hell of a tour of the country and I'm not even trying to predict where it will go from there.

Only good ol' could possibly attempt to prove that the shortest distance between two points is a tetrahedron.


Unknown said...

My mother's birthday comes up, and I send her a package via Priority Mail. This is from Otter Creek to Bozeman, about 150 miles distance. Six weeks later it has bounced all over the West, and been in Bozeman I think 3 times. My mother has called trying to get it delivered. No avail. I see it has returned to Bozeman, so I call my very small local PO, and have the master call their master to return it to Otter Creek. About a week later it finally shows up here. I promptly sent it to her UPS, which cost as much as the gift did... gasp!! Next time I use Amazon email gift card.

As a side note, my Aunt sent a package at the same time from Indiana. They have never found it.. and it was perishable LOL


Unknown said...

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