Wednesday, February 28, 2007


No, I'm not going to go on about illegal immigration again. I want to talk about a very interesting video I viewed recently. It was done by the Naval Surface Warfare Center and showed the Marine Corps' "Project Metropolis".

For those of you who never attended one of Uncle Sammy's Schools for Wayward Youth, the military has an acronym for everything. Taking a crap is DDEP, Directed Defecation Evacuation Procedure. And MOUT stands for Military Operations in Urbanized Terrain. Simply translated, that means city fighting, ala Stalingrad, Hue City, Grozny, Baghdad.

I guess I am dating myself here, but back in my active duty days, every MOUT site looked just like a Central European village as, before the Iron Curtain came down, this was where the high command expected to have to fight the next war.

If the government and the military truly is preparing to fight the next war, I find it pretty chilling that the Project Metropolis MOUT site looks exactly like Mainstreet, USA, complete with a big old church on the corner and a red brick schoolhouse amidst the apartments and single-family dwellings.

Our troops are actually fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan and, if certain politicians get their way, will probably be fighting in Iran soon, although troop strength is so thin already they may have to take away their ships and sent in the Navy on foot. At any rate, how come Project Metropolis doesn't closely resemble typical Southwest Asian and Persian Gulf Arab cities?

Maybe it's just me, but watching the first minute or two of that video, with the Marines storming into Mainstreet, USA from an air assault, supported by Harriers, Cobras, and LVTPs, seemed positively Orwellian. Who among our possible enemies, from China to North Korea to the Gulf states, could possibly land on this continent an invasion force large enough to take over a U.S. city? Or maybe the government forsees the need to suppress its own peasants, aka "us", at some future date? Recall Stalin "collectivizing" the farms of the Ukraine via machine gunning everyone who said, "No."

Nothing against the Marines, but back in the 90's a survey was sent out amongst the jarheads stationed in California to see how many of them would confiscate firearms from the American public by force if ordered to do so.

Just some things that make me go, "Hmmmmmm."

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