Friday, May 04, 2007


Sooooo, my wife and I did watch the Republikrats debate from The People's Republik of Kalifornia and there were only a few surprises.

Chris Matthews acted like a smarmy, arrogant buffoon, which wasn't surprising as he is a smarmy arrogant buffoon. And the Big Three were in fine typical politician form. John, Rudy and Mit were right there with their waffling, tap-dancing, and eloquent well-rehearsed non-answers, saying nothing but saying it with style. Plus, their hair looked really good, except for Rudy. The camera spent as much time as possible on the Big Three and the press gladly tossed them the majority of the questions.

For us, Ron Paul and Tom Tancredo really shone. I believe Dr. Paul was the only one to even mention that pesky ol' US Constitution and how it limits and restricts the role of government. The fact that he openly says he wants to get rid of the IRS and this did not catapult him straight to the nomination goes to show that (A) the solidly-entrenched GOP drones and hacks love government $$$ and power just as much as the competition and that (B) a vast number of the American Sheeple citizens have already been indoctrinated to believe they really do need government intervention in every single aspect of their lives.

Tancredo's stand on illegal immigration was totally refreshing and delightful. This is something that desperately needs to be addressed before the American Southwest is turned into a Third World country. John McStain, after co-authoring the amnesty bill with Teddy (hiccup) Kennedy shouldn't have said anything on the subject. The Big Three were all for National ID, too, of course as it gives the government (surprise!) more power and control over us. And that after they won't enforce the laws already on the books in regards to illegal immigrants who don't have ANY valid ID.

Brownback and Huckabee got in some impressive answers as well. I was actually pretty amazed to find so many real live Conservatives up on the platform running for Republikrat presidential nominee. I'm sure Ronnie Reagan was looking down with a big smile.

The over-all effect I got was that the debate lowered the status of the Big Three and elevated the status of the Black Sheep Conservatives. We could actually pull another Regeanesque Conservative candidate out of this can of worms. Good choices are sitting right there waiting.

It will be interesting, or rather disheartening, to see how the GOP faithful and the mainstream "Drive-By" media spin this debate. I haven't watched any of the talking heads this morning, but I'm sure they will be swooning over Mit and trying their best to totally ignore the contributions of Paul, Tancredo, Brownback and Huckabee. They will be swooning over "important issues" like who looked the best on camera, who had the sharpest wardrode, who seemed "smoothest" delivering his non-answers, who had the best haricut. The issues will be downplayed as much as possible.

To paraphrase Billy Crystal as Fernando: "It's not what you stand for, it's how you look. And you looked maahvelous Mit and John."

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