Saturday, May 19, 2007


It certainly looks like our buddy Ron Paul is gaining momentum as his word gets out. After the PMSNBC Republikrat Debate, when Paul smoked the competition in the poll afterwards, PMSNBC quickly squelched it and Paul's name wasn't even on the first page of the candidates. Of course, the PMSNBC "debate" was more of a full-length commercial for Chris Matthews and Hardball, the important questions crucial to our time about as stupid as the old Clinton query "Boxers of Briefs?"

Dr. Paul also did very well on the latest Faux News debate, coming in a close second on their poll, which also quickly disappeared. The neo-cons, the Drive-By Media, and the old-line Blueblood GOP faithful are all scared spitless of this guy. They all want a large, bloated, ever-present, all-powerful money-sponge of a Federal behemoth. Ron Paul wants to shove the Federal system back into Pandora's Box and replace the limits the U.S. Constitution (which all elected officials have sworn before God to uphold and defend) puts upon the function and scope of government.

As an aside, I found the Faux news interviewers a heckuva lot tougher on the candidates than Chris Matthews and Company ever were. They actually asked some tough, hard-hitting questions. The Big Three, or Rudy McRomney as they referred to them, were challenged hard and point-blank about what makes them think they are "conservative" after all the liberal stances, waffling, and flip-flopping of the past. They all, of course, gave smooth non-answers that wandered around everywhere but on topic. My favorite was Romnney, who "Supports the Second Amendment" except for that pesky part about not taking our guns away from us, as in his Taxachusetts Assault Rifle Ban which he supported and signed. It was rather hilarious watching McCain squirm and spew forth platitudes when questioned on illegal immigration, trying to make his and Teddy (urp) Kennedy's bill sound like it wasn't really just an amnesty. McCain's stance is kind of like, "Well, we can't catch and deport all of the illegals, so why even try?" By that line of reasoning, we can't catch all drunk drivers or serial rapists or murderers, so why even try? Just let 'em have free reign. I had to hand it to Rudy for sticking to his guns on his abortion stance, even though he knows it is unpopular in most GOP circles. At least he wasn't doing the Romney dance of, "I thought it was bad before I thought it was good before I thought it was bad, after much deep reflection."

The low point was the last interviewer who wandered all over on his hypothetical terrorism question...mall bombing in the U.S....captured terrorists in Guantanamo...they have information of future just crossed the International Date Line...and the third moon of Jupiter is in its fourth phase...and a train is leaving Chicago at 8;00 AM at an average speed of 62 mph...and the stock market is down in heavy trading...and THEN some aliens land in Brazil....Ron Paul got the last word there, too. They kept talking about "enhanced interogation techniques." Ron asked if that was Newspeak for "Torture", illustrating the Orwellianess of the whole thing.

The "Big News" all the Drive-By Media got out of the whole thing was the disagreement between Ron Paul and Rudy Giuliani over the causes of 9-11. The head of the RNC wanted to kick Paul out of all future debates over it. Just imagine, a disagreement at a DEBATE! Oh, the horror! Notorious Chickenhawk (I never served myself, but....) Yawn Hannity was having a hissy fit and attacking Ron Paul over the whole thing. How dare he say that U.S. intervention, political heavy-handedness, covert operations, military action, and occupation in foreign countries for decades gives them cause to hate us?!?!? I caught some of Hannity's Friday show on the radio in my work truck. He was still cussing Paul and hanging up on any caller that even mentioned him and sniveling that Paul's supporters were a bunch of mindless drones given their marching orders via "Left-wing Blogs". Left-wing Blogs? Yeah, apparently that's where all the Constitutionalists and Libertarians hang out. At the same time, Hannity was absolutely livid about the Illegal Amnesty Bill on the Hill and what a sell-out it was, blaming Teddy (braaaap) Kennedy over and over again for the whole thing and never once mentioning his pet RINO John McStain's role in co-authoring the whole thing. Hmmmm.

Methinks the drones and hacks are running mighty scared of Dr. Paul getting his Constitutional message out to the American Public. Now why would that be?


Anonymous said...

I am so tired of this political seson already. The powers that are truly in control are never going to let us have a real canadate in either party. Maybe it is time we just dump the tea in the harbor and remind them that we are the "We the People"

Anonymous said...

How about RuPaul instead of Ron Paul as the Republican candidate?

Ben said...

If the Republican nominee isn't Ron Paul, then they CAN run RuPaul for all I care. If it ain't Ron Paul then I'm sticking with whoever the Libertarian Party runs. RuPaul would still be better than McCain though.