Saturday, December 01, 2007

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Nick F said...

Will Libertarians advance their Party or Principles?

Libertarians have a chance this election to support a candidate who will advance their core principles of individual and economic freedom tempered by personal responsibility.

That candidate is Fred Thompson. The Reagan years have taught us that it is not enough to adhere to conservative and libertarian principles; one must be able to articulate them as well.

A libertarian, conservative coalition would go along way to ensure that the Republican Party remembers its traditional values, and that its candidates adhere to them.

Libertarians will be confronted with a difficult decision, they can keep working to advance their party, or they can help ensure a Republican move back to Reagan conservatism.

If they choose to support the Libertarian candidate for President or perhaps Ron Paul they will have adhered to their principles, but not advanced them. Ron Paul will not be the Republican nominee, nor will the Libertarian candidate receive enough votes to be seriously considered.

If they choose to support Fred Thompson by changing their party affiliation, they could prove to be the deciding factor in some of the crucial upcoming primaries.

Without this help “progressives” may be able to ensure a Giuliani nomination, while conservatives may hedge their bets with Romney. In the end, neither conservative nor libertarian ideals are advanced by refusing to acknowledge that Thompson is the clear choice for voters who believe in adherence to the Constitution, belief in the separation of powers, the right to life, a strong defense, and the obvious connection between economic and individual freedom.

I strongly urge everyone who desires a return to our founding principles to support the candidate whose record, rhetoric, and presence is best able to advance those principles at the national level; Senator Fred Thompson.