Saturday, June 07, 2008


I am not a big fan of Faux News. They had a chance to bring something actually “fair and balanced” into a media dominated by admitted liberals. Instead, they just became a fawning mouthpiece for the Neo-Cons, spouting the Party Line. Still, even a blind hog finds an acorn now and then, and they do report stories the Drive-By Media squirms to avoid.

Their latest “scoop” of Obama “plagiarizing” Mario Cuomo’s speeches doesn’t qualify to me as a “scandal”. However, it certainly does illustrate some great points. Senator Obama, Mr. Change himself, the fresh new voice in politics taking the untrodden and completely different path, the messiah of modulation, is just another Empty Suit re-hashing the same old tired Democratic mantras of class warfare, doom and gloom, and fear-mongering. The fact that the Dems can offer nothing more for this election than the same old crap they were spouting in 1984 (we really tried to meet the deadline, George Orwell) just goes to show there’s nothing new under the sun.

If Obama wins the Presidency…and it seems likely he will, with the Neo-Con RINOs seemingly pushing as hard for his success as the Democrats and the media…there will be much fanfare about the new administration and its lofty goals. Within six months, even the most rabid Obama worshippers will find, once again, what campaign promises are worth. I mean really. Did either the Clinton or Bush administrations stick to the planks that got them elected? As he tries to make deals to get what he wants, it will once more boil down to SSDD, Same Shit, Different Day. Or, in this particular case, Same Socialism, Different Dummy. Politics-as-Usual. Like the Bushies, it will take getting beaten over the head with this for a couple of years before the Obamanites catch on.

Not that the Republicans are offering any “change” either. A Juan McCain presidency could best be described as “A Bush Third Term, but with more pandering to the Left”. McCain is still trying to resurrect his odious Amnesty-for-Illegals bill, despite having seen repeatedly that the whole concept is about as popular as a turd in the punchbowl with the vast majority of the American public. Polls have recently shown that, for all his sucking up to Hispanics, they are swarming to the Obama camp in droves. That really paid off, didn’t it Juan? Now he’s jumping on the Greenhouse Gas…Ozone Hole…Global Warming…Climate Change…Disaster-of-the-Month Club Selection (doesn’t anyone else remember the doom and gloom of the Coming Ice Age on the cover of Time & Newsweek in the late 70’s, early 80’s?) bandwagon so the RINOs can pander to the Green vote. Another Empty Suit blowing in the winds of politics, devoid of any core values.

No matter which stale, platitude-spouting mindless Empty Suit who’s mortgaged his soul for power wins in November, I predict a coming crack-down on the “alternate media”, especially Talk Radio and the Internet. We can’t have the public getting ahold of information that’s not been approved by the Propaganda Ministry, now can we? This election cycle showed dangerous rumblings of discontent from the masses, which does not bode well for the whole vast scam of the Two-Party Oligarchy and Politics-as-Usual. Whoever wins, he and his party will do all they can to continue the brain-washing, squelch the voices of the peasants, and keep us in our place.

So much for the First Amendment. It would seem that the only thing old that can’t become new again is the United States Constitution.

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