Thursday, August 28, 2008


Having been born and raised in Iowa and having lived in a town with a large meat-packing plant, when I heard the news about the big Immigration raid in Postville, Iowa it did not upset me. Representing the Red State hicks out here in Fly-Over Country, my response was similar to those of everyone else I know. And the usual responses were somewhere between, “It’s about blamed time!” and, “Well, it’s a start.”

OF COURSE, I should have known what the response from the Loony Left would be. I saw a particularly odious article about this small town struggling to “survive its ordeal”, so I delved further into the coverage of the event, and found it par for the course. The Usual Suspects…the Drive-By Mainstream Media, the perpetually outraged professional “protestors”, the snooty “elite” of Academia, and the rest of the Left-Wing nut cases who search the world around them for something to be offended by…were all whining like a bitch dog in heat. They are trying to portray this simple and long overdue Immigration raid as the greatest genocide since Hitler and Pol Pot.

So, since they seem to be incapable of wrapping their warped little minds around reality and are impervious to their own inconsistencies, allow me to point out the pontificating Socialists’ hypocrisy.

The same fear-mongering weenies of the Thought Police who wipe their butt with the Constitution and would have the very thoughts inside someone’s head criminalized and prosecuted as “hate crimes” don’t think that folks ought to be arrested for identity theft or Federal Immigration violations. Some animals are more equal than others. They also forgot to mention that many of the stolen/fake ID’s came from Agriprocessor’s own human resources department. There was even a meth lab operating at the packing plant, but I guess as long as Hassidic Jews and ILLEGALS are cooking the meth, it’s kosher, pardon the pun.

The sniveling Commies who detest Capitalism and would like to see oil company executives burned at the stake swoon over Agriprocessors and how they are the “savior” of the economy of Northeast Iowa. The lying liberals who pretend to stand for the working man and back unions weren’t to be found when Agriprocessors were stone-walling and fighting the United Food and Commercial Workers Union. Agriprocessors even took their case against the unions to Federal court, saying their employees couldn’t join the union or vote because they were ILLEGAL. Then there’s the subminimum wages that the original citizens of Postville could not afford to work for because they represented a pay cut from the already feeble job market in the area. Sucks to be you, Mr. American working man, we’ll bring in some ILLEGAL slave labor for the subminimum jobs you “can’t or won’t do.”

Then there are the fern-feelin’, flower-sniffin’ bunny’huggin’ Gaia worshippers who hang on every word of the Goracle, the same wacko tree-huggers who killed the American logging industry, untold family businesses and small towns all over the Northwest to save a stinking owl (90% of which, by the way, according to field surveys, did not nest in Old Growth forests anyway). These eco-weenies sure weren’t too concerned when Agri-Proccessors was dumping all kinds of nasty stuff, including 40,000 gallons of turkey blood, into the scenic and beautiful Yellow River, resulting in massive fish die-offs, or contaminating the ground water, or dumping other wastes, or violating state environmental regulations, or paying $600,000 in fines to the EPA.

The self flagellating hanky-twisters who would tax or outlaw everything in the country “for the children” and would confiscate everyone’s guns if “it saves just one child” (well, except for the unborn children; they don’t count) threw a hissy fit over La Migra “breaking up poor families” but didn’t utter a peep when Agri-Processors was violating child labor laws. The same wild-eyed slobberers who are berating ICE for their “cruel and inhumane” treatment of the ILLEGALS were not to be found while Agriprocessors were guilty of physically abusing their slave labor, as well as violating other labor and food safety laws.

I read a piece from one bile-spewing Leftist kook who was belly aching about how the money spent on the immigration busts could have been better spent on providing the ILLEGALS with universal health care and better education. I got news for you, Socialist bimbette, they already get free health care and education, at tax-payer expense, while in the process of swamping, bankrupting and ruining local medical facilities, schools, and law enforcement at the expense of the local American CITIZENS.

I hear tell we are not even supposed to call them ILLEGALS anymore. They tell me that’s a racist term now and we need to call them Undocumented Workers. Yeah, right. And a drug dealer is an Unlicensed Pharmacist.

So, my take on the whole deal is that if you are an ILLEGAL in this country and you don’t like the treatment you receive for breaking our laws, don’t let the door hit you in butt on the way out. But if the Loony Left gets its way, terrorists and ILLEGALS will have more rights than the ordinary American citizen who's supposed to be protected by the Constitution.

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