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It certainly is a funny thing, playing the old race card. Depending upon your personal political bias, it can be either a royal flush or dealing from the bottom of the deck. Take the KKK, for instance. I see it is very fashionable to keep beating up on Nathan Bedford Forrest who, in case you missed it, has been dead for 132 years. More recently, when Republican David Duke ran for office, from the media coverage I honestly thought that his first name was "Former Klansman".

When it comes to Democrats who were in the KKK, however, it is a non-issue. Of course I am talking about West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd, the senior Senator on the Hill, chairman of many important committees, and third in line for succession for president. What? You never heard the State-run Press nor any of his fellow Democrats nor other lefties mention that he was in the Klan? Now, how can that be? If he were a Republican, they would still be shouting it to the heavens on a daily, if not hourly, basis. Is there some kind of double standard?

Byrd joined the Klan in 1942 and rose to become first a Kleagle and later an Exalted Cyclops. Doing his duty as a member of the Greatest Generation to fight fascism in WWII, Byrd wrote to his congressman in 1944 that:

"I shall never fight in the armed forces with a Negro by my side...Rather I should die a thousand times and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by mongrel races, a throwback to the blackest specimens from the wilds."

Byrd reiterated his belief in and America's need for the Klan in 1947 and later went on to attempt to filibuster the Civil Rights Act of 1964. None of this, however, is racist because in our double standard world a liberal or minority is incapable of being racist. At least according to the current State-run Ministry of Truth.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who suffered the slings and arrows of vicious liberal personal attacks in attempts to keep him from serving on the bench, saw little difference between the Klansmen of the Old South and modern liberal closet racists in a series of ABC interviews.

Thomas' most deeply felt opinions are about race, and he pulls no punches. For Thomas, the menacing racists who donned white sheets in the segregated south of his childhood are as bad or worse than the northern liberal zealots in suits and ties.

"These people who claim to be progressive...have been far more vicious to me than any southerner," Thomas says, "and it is purely ideological."
"People get bent out of shape about the fact that when I was a kid, you could not drink out of certain water fountains. Well, the water was the same. My grandfather always said that, 'The water's exactly the same.' But those same people are extremely comfortable saying I can't drink from this fountain of knowledge. They certainly don't see themselves as being like the bigots in the South. Well, I've lived both experiences. And I really don't see that they're any different from them."

Here at Das Blog, as some call it, we take issue with new Republican Party Chairman Michael Steele. We do so not because he is black but because he is a typical neo-con McCainanite RINO. If we were liberals and disagreed with him for being a conservative, however, it would be perfectly acceptable to smear him with racist broadsides all day.

When Steele ran for senate in Maryland, liberal bloggers delighted in depicting him in Al Jolson blackface with captions like, "I's Simple Sambo and I's Running for the Big House". In The Washington Times, black Democratic "leaders" opined it was just fine and dandy to use racial attacks on Steele simply because he was a "conservative" Republican. They pelted him at public appearances with Oreos (black on the outside, white on the inside; ha-ha, get it?) and called him Uncle Tom.

Likewise, it is somehow racist and KKK-ish to point out that La Raza is, well, racist. But once more it is somehow not at all racist for them to put out crap like this.

The double standard does not end with race, either. Imagine if a white Republican ever called Jewish New Yorkers "Hymies". Why, he'd be permanently labeled a Nazi and harrangued for it for the rest of his life. But is is perfectly acceptable for Jesse Jackson to do just that, and it's no big deal, quickly swept under the rug and forgotten. Likewise, Jeremiah Wright screaming, "Killy Whitey!" from the pulpit is not racist, but having Biblical scripture on a placard during a gay rights demonstration in Philadelphia will get you arrested and incarcerated for "Hate Crimes". Ah, sweet leftist "tolerance".

If you're a particularly vicious and ignorant lefty, such as one of the kooks who infest Hollyweird, why you can combine attacks on race, gender, and religion simultaneously with no fear of being branded with any kind of stigma. Evidence Sandra Bernhard and her well-thought-out, insightful, and intellectual explanation of why she disagreed with Sarah Palin's policies.

"Now you got Uncle Women, like Sarah Palin, who jumps on the s**t and points her fingers at other women. Turncoat b***h! Don't you f*****g reference Old Testament, b***h! You stay with your new goyish shiksa funky bulls**t. Don't you touch my Old Testament, you b***h!...You wh**e in your f*****g cheap-a** plastic glasses and your hair up. A Tina Fey-Megan Mullally brokedown bulls**t moment." Bernhard also tastefully noted that Palin needed to be "gang-raped by my big black brothers."

Also in Kalifornia, when Proposition 8 passed, angry celebs and gays turned on and blamed blacks, even the gay black man who reported this:

"It was like being at a Klan rally except the Klansmen were wearing Abercromnbie polos and birkenstocks. You nigger, one man shouted at me. If your people want to call me faggot, I will call you a nigger...and a young WeHo (West Hollyweird) clone said after last night the niggers better not come to West Hollywood if they knew what was best for them."

Ahhhh, so we can see just how tolerant, unprejudiced, impartial and colorblind the loony left truly is. In the interest of saving time and space, I will now act on behalf of the loony left and present their inevitable clever, impartial, issue-driven, logical, and rational rebuttals.


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