Sunday, November 14, 2010

Quantitative Easing Made Easy

On election day the U.S. Congress, which had about a 12% approval rating, had a reelection rate of about 86%.  (My, what a revolution!)  The day after the election, as the American people waved their little flags and celebrated the enormous influence they had excerpted over the federal government by "throwing the bums out," a cabal of wealthy bankers known as the Federal Reserve, who really excerpt power over the federal government, met quietly to control the economy.

At their meeting "the Fed" decided to pursue another round of "quantitative easing" (QE2).  What is quantitative easing?  Watch the video below that explains it all in terms so simple that even members of Congress (and bloggers) can understand.


Jerry said...

Now it's all clear. OH S&%T!!!

Liberty Felix said...

Quantitative Easing is when the Monopoly Banker has found at least one additional Monopoly board box and is slipping the cash load from it into the game while you have noticed, but you do nothing to expose the malfeasance in hopes of receiving some of the extra cash.

Anonymous said...

I risk the wrath of B&B by twice posting links to the NYTimes on their website, but this is a fascinating application.

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