Friday, August 26, 2011


Everywhere you look, Big Brother’s cameras are watching you, filming your every move from streetlights, lampposts, overpasses, police car dashboards, public buildings, you name it. Big Brother sees nothing wrong with this. Don’t worry, it’s for your own good, it’s for safety, it’s for security, it’s for the children.

One of the favorite sayings of the minions of Big Brother is, “If you’re not doing anything wrong, then you won’t mind me videotaping you or searching your XXX (car, home, luggage, children, person, anus, etc.).” Just because it's in violation of the Fourth Amendment is no reason to say no.

Why is it then, if Big Brother himself is acting on your behalf for your safety and security and “not doing anything wrong”, he so vigorously and angrily resists you videotaping him? Perhaps because of videos like this one.

Yes, Big Brother has become quite upset about his own actions being taped in public places. Three states already have laws against doing so.

Growing Number of Prosecutions for Videotaping the Police

Straight Talk: Videotaping Police

Police and prosecutors are the most visible and publicized, yet they are hardly the only ones who object to being filmed or recorded. Politicians are now also eagerly jumping on the “You can’t tape me” bandwagon, which should come as no surprise as they consider themselves to be a ruling elite and that laws are for “Thee and not for me.”

Florida politician snatches and keeps camera from videographer

Ohio Congressman Has Cops Confiscate Cameras At Town Hall Meeting

Man assaulted in church for videotaping politician making speech

In general, I am quite supportive of the police, but I am biased having worked with and for law enforcement. That and because I live in a rural county larger than the entire State of Delaware but having a population of barely over three thousand people. It's the kind of place where you know the sheriff and his deputies by their first names. They're still peace officers rather than law enforcement officers, and if they were assholes the voters would be quick to send them packing at the next election.

Despite the full trust of officers I know personally, I am nearly terrified of big city cops and the Feds. If you merely annoy them they can still harass the hell out of you with trivial and minor rules and regulations. If they really want you, they will find or perhaps even create something they can nail you on. Even if you're formally charged and found innocent, they will bankrupt you with attorney costs to prove that innocence in court. Since I am always blithering on about the Constitution and right, as well as generally pissing people off, these kinds of "law enforcement" persons make me nervous.

You should be nervous too, as evidences by the videos and articles referenced above. You have no reasonable expectation of privacy anymore, but Big Brother sure seems to think he does, even when performing as a public "servant" in public. This begs the age-old question of who polices the police? You better not, especially with a video/audio recording device. That whole First Amendment thing is as passe as the Fourth.

Big Brother is indeed watching, but don't you dare watch back. Got that, peasant?

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