Sunday, February 26, 2012


Maybe someone in Wyoming read the last column. I dunno. At any rate, the Wyoming State Legislature is showing a huge vote of confidence for the ability of and the Zero Regime to run (or is that spelled ruin?) the country.

CHEYENNE — State representatives on Friday advanced legislation to launch a study into what Wyoming should do in the event of a complete economic or political collapse in the United States.

House Bill 85 passed on first reading by a voice vote. It would create a state-run government continuity task force, which would study and prepare Wyoming for potential catastrophes, from disruptions in food and energy supplies to a complete meltdown of the federal government.

Even Wyoming media still the media, so the article mentions something about acquiring an aircraft carrier. Here's the actual text of HB0085, and I don't actually see anything about aircraft carriers mentioned.

Not that I would be against it, mind you. Yellowstone Lake is within the state boundaries of Wyoming. Wouldn't it be cool to see the USS Ronald Reagan bobbing around out there? They could dominate the air space of the entire northern Rockies while getting in some good fishing.

I would just settle for a bill from the Montana Legislature questioning what to do when, er, I mean, if implodes through their own greed, ineptitude and stupidity. There would need to be a caveat in there that we would accept no refugees from the District of Criminals, New York, Massachusetts, or California.

If they didn't like that, they could talk to boys on the carrier about it.


Mattexian said...

Wish I was hearing similar out of Austin, but no luck so far, got to rely on the Texas Nationalist Movement to get things going in that direction. We've got a few sympathetic candidates running for state office, work on getting a higher platform for winning hearts and minds.

Bawb said...

I hope more and more people are seeing the light that does more harm than good and is leading us downhill to a massive trainwreck. Very few state governments are much better, as seen in CA, NY,IL, LA etc. Alas, still too many sheeple don't want to know what's really going on and get their "information" from the MSM.

Texas and Alaska are in unique situations and better off than most. Plus Texas has Chuck Norris. BTW, do you get to keep the ships named after Texas...a battleship, a cruiser and a boomer IIRC?

Mattexian said...

We did keep the dreadnought(New York-class) Battleship Texas, after she was retired; I'm pretty sure the sub is still in service, dunno about the cruiser... well, foo, according to Wikipedia (I know, I know), the cruiser Texas was decommissioned and scrapped, into the Navy's ship-submarine recycling program in '93. ;(

Bawb said...

If they ever name a ship after Obama, it better be a garbage scow.