Sunday, December 01, 2013

Marines With Guns?

After the Fort Hood shooting, in which 13 soldiers were killed and 30 were injured, I heard some gun-banning idiots saying "See, even highly-armed military facilities aren't secure against nut jobs with guns. We need to ban guns." Of course most of these slack-jawed milksops have probably never been anywhere near an Army post. If they had, they'd know that military bases are largely "gun-free zones" just like Columbine, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook Elementary, etc... At least one high ranking military official would like to see that changed.

According to an article at The Truth About Guns (TTAG): "The decision to disarm military bases—DOD Directive 5210.56—was a political one implemented during Bush the Elder’s administration and allowed to continue to present day[.]" (Bush 1 was a pencil-neck who was definitely no friend of the Second Amendment.) The way it stands now, except for a few military policemen and soldiers on live-fire shooting ranges (or in actual combat), our servicemen and women are disarmed while on duty.

After seeing the Ft. Hood massacre, U.S. Navy Yard shootings, and an on-base murder-suicide, the head of the least PC branch of our services is calling for a change to that policy. The Marine Corps commandant, Gen. Jim Amos, outlined his plan to his senior officers in September. According to "It calls for a variety of new initiatives, including the installation of security cameras in each barracks, the incorporation of more staff noncommissioned officers and officers on duty, and the arming of all officers on duty and staff NCOs on duty at all times[.]"

Given the skinny anti-gun wussy who is the commander-in-chief, I doubt such changes will come to fruition. As long as we have a national policy where American Devil Dogs can be killed from a lack of shooting back, that remains completely unacceptable.


Jerry said...

Gen. Amos better watch out. He might end up being relieved of command and retired, like any of the other higher ups that question the Great One. He seems to be trying to get rid of any conservative, country loving officer that isn't just a yes man for the administration.

Bawb said...

Stalin "purged" his military leadership, too. Didn't work out so well when the panzers came knocking. But tens of millions of civilian and military dead is a small price to pay to keep from revealing that the emperor has no clothes and I'm sure Barry would be in full agreement with that.

Anonymous said...

Our military "leadership" has been purged, for some time now, by a bunch of callus kneed, pussified, psychopathic, "yes men".
Anyone worth a damn does NOT make rank. Got the t-shirt that goes with my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to add ... you can't even bring your own private firearm on a base. Not even if it's unloaded, in a locked case, and separated from any ammo (or even with no ammo).
Self protection? Not allowed by regs!Have concealed permit? Too bad, doesn't apply on base. Should just have everyone walking around "quaking".