Monday, September 29, 2008


We all expect BS political ads from both parties. One guy slings mud in an ad and the other guy "refutes" it and slings some back.

The Messiah's minions are getting rather out of hand about it, though. In their minds, I guess, he has already been annointed lord and master. The First Amendment, as we all should know, has been under assault for quite some time now by both parties (Free Speech Zones, anyone?). If the minions have their way, however, it will be fitted with cement shoes and sent to sleep with the fishes. Thou shalt not say anything bad about the Messiah, and if you do thou shalt be attacked and silenced.

First, in a speech to Planned Parenthood Obama let slip that us toothless web-footed hillbillies are "basically decent" but that we aren't smart enough to keep from being misled when we..."listen to the wrong talk radio shows or watch the wrong TV networks."

That was benign enough, going right along with calling those of us in Fly-Over Country (formerly known as the Heartland) gun-totin', God-clingin' racists. Yawn. We're used to snotty left-wing elitists and/or media hacks telling us we shouldn't listen to Rush (even I can't stand GOP cheerleader Hannity) because he will turn us into mind-numbed robots.

Next came the thinly veiled threats from the loony left that America will pay with riots in the streets if we are too "racist" to elect the Obamanation. Big deal. We've heard the "Long hot summer" threats many a time before.

Things started to get a little scary, though, when the Obamistas attacked radio stations in Pennsylvania and Ohio for running NRA sponsored ads that claimed Obama was anti-gun, demanding that they pull the paid advertisements. They even threatened the radio stations with with FCC sanctions if they did not comply with their demands. Well, um, Obama is anti-gun. Duh. How dare they call him on it! If he's pro-gun, then I'm Sarah Brady.

Now, apparently, in St. Louis it has become illegal to even dare to attempt to speak ill of Herr Obama. If you do not utter the Gospel "truth" about Hussein, as determined by Barack worshippers such as District Attorney Robert McCulloch, he will send like-minded sherriffs after you and you will be prosecuted.

Talk about a police state. What next? Wearing special brown shirts? Intimidating thugs stationed outside the polling places? Beating up Republicans in the streets and smashing the windows of their businesses? Mark my words, the bloggers will be next if we dare to say anything critical of...


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