Saturday, January 10, 2009


My God, where does it all end? Talk about a Propaganda Ministry. I don’t even need to dig for examples of media bias anymore. Bias, censorship, ignoring, and outright suppressing stories ain’t enough. Now they insist it’s their job to paint a beautiful panorama picture of the Big O and make him look good.

I know, I know, the kooks over at DU or wherever insist that the media is biased to the right, because, well, um, they are big corporations and that means capitalism and capitalism is evil. You betcha. Corporations owned by such right-wing ultra-conservative evangelical extremists like George Soros and Ted Turner would obviously be biased towards the right. (Chortle, snicker).

We can, though, simply expose the host of mesmerized Obama Zombie “journalists” of the Ministry of Truth for what they are by using their own words.

Our pal Chris “Softball” Matthews, who during the campaign admitted that just hearing Barry speak sends a thrill up his leg, is starting the line-up for us. Matthews, on the PMSNBC Morning Joe program, educated host Joe Scarborough on what the duties of a journalist really are, straight from the horse's…um, mouth.

“Yeah, well, you know what? I want to do everything I can to make this thing work, this new presidency work, and I think that…”

“Yeah, it is my job. My job is to help this country…”

And his job is also, “To make this (presidency) work successfully, because this country needs a successful presidency more than anything now.”

Moving right along, we have Tavis Smiley of the giant right-wing media conglomerate PBS (that was sarcasm for you Chicago voters), also explaining the media’s mission to Scarborough. This is the same guy I saw on NBC before the polls closed on Election Day already making excuses for Obama as president, just in case the Big O didn’t immediately begin to heal lepers and turn water into wine.

“I want him to be a great president. I believe that he can be a great president. But only if we help make him a great president. It is not left to his own devices, it's not going to happen. We have to help make him a great president.” He repeated that last sentence later on just in case anyone missed it.

What the fudge, over? If Barry is the Second Coming, as you keep insisting, why does he need you to cover his butt and make him look good?

It just goes on and on. Dan Blather said we needed to move Inauguration Day up to Dec 1st because we’re facing the greatest crisis since Pearl Harbor and the Civil War, obviously inferring that only The One can step in and save us now. I won’t even bother to note any specifics from Katie Couric; she practically has an orgasm every time she speaks his name.

ABC’s Good Morning Amerika has been even more guilty than most, which is quite an accomplishment. They celebrated Obama’s 30-day Anniversary as President-Elect, with George Snuffleupagus swooning over what a good job Barry’s done so far and how his cabinet consists of “unparalleled Brain Power”. A teary-eyed Diane Sawyer, voice choking with emotion, read aloud one of Barry’s essays, as images of Abe Lincoln flashed in the background and music akin to “Battle Hymn of the Republic” played. Bill Weir practically wet himself over Obama’s victory celebration calling it a “transcendent night of communal joy”. Jim Sciutto reported that the Big O has “captured the world’s heart”. They even broke the important political story about a guy who built a statue/shrine of Obama out of crayons.

We could go on like this for days. Instead, we’ll wrap up with the “Follow the Money” game. Let’s see how our unbiased journalists voted with their own pocketbooks.

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