Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ben's Top 10 Headlines For Inauguration Day 2009

  1. Historic Day: Final President Sworn In!
  2. 2nd Amendment Flees Country
  3. Panting Media Finally Spunks On Self
  4. Second Carter Term Begins
  5. John McCain Bends Over; Beckons New President
  6. "In God We Trust" On Currency To Be Replaced With Rev. Wright's "God D*mn America!"
  7. Jesse Jackson Cries Again; Makes A "Boom-Boom" In Diaper
  8. Alabama Forces Fire On Fort Sumter
  9. Michelle Obama Feels Proud Of Country; Feeling Passes
  10. President Bush Cracks A Cold One

Did I forget any? Add your suggestions below. (Nothing racist please.)


Bawb said...

Revelation 13:4-6

Anonymous said...

Ding, dong, the dunce is gone.

Ben said...

Not bad!