Saturday, December 26, 2009


Well, it seems that good ol' Harry Reid, showing off that stellar intellect he shares with Nancy Pelosi, accidentally voted nay on his own health care "reform" bill during their shady Christmas Eve vote. If this had been a conservative, he would be ridiculed for decades (ala Dan Quayle). But since it's Dingy Harry the press just titters a bit and makes excuses for him being tired. Kind of like when their boy Barack kept making all those gaffes during the campaign and they couldn't completely squelch the stories due to Talk Radio and the Internet.

To me, the only obvious solution is to send Gunnery Sergeant Hartman up to the Senate to teach Dingy Harry the difference between "yea" and "nay" in his own special DI way. I'll bet they'd make a fortune showing it on Pay-per-View.

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Ben said...

I'd pay to see that! Maybe Reid will pull a "Pvt. Pyle" in the Senate head some night. I'd pay to see that too! I can picture McCain standing there with his helmet and flashlight, "Take it easy Harry!" Blam!