Saturday, January 09, 2010


In agriculture news, it appears that Scotland stands to lose a huge percentage of its domestic sheep population, with predictions of as much as a third of the total herd. The killer? Bitter cold weather.
Million Sheep May Freeze

You've almost certainly heard about the cold snap that
sweeping both the
US and Northern Eurasia...record cold temperatures are
being set, and
many tragedies are unfolding. In Scotland, the victims are
the sheep:
one million of them, a whole one third of Scotland's sheep, may
to death during the current cold spell.

This couldn't have come at a worse time, as researchers at the University of North Dakota recently made two huge breakthroughs concerning the use of can get wool and mutton from them!!!
Not to worry. The UK government is on the job, showing the same kind of efficiency and intelligence our politicos show in Sodom on Potomac. It seems that the UK Met Office predicted a horrendous heatwave for Great Britain this summer. Turned out to be quite cold and wet. Then they predicted a warm, mild winter just before this record-breaking sheep-freezer hit. To straighten out these glaring mistakes, the Brit government gave the UK's head climatologist a "performance" bonus that puts him at a higher salary than that of the PM. No doubt he is predicting a global flood right now as we speak in hopes of getting a really big bonus next year.

Meanwhile, somewhat closer to home, sunny Florida is experiencing one of the "longest cold snaps" in decades (months of record-setting cold winter weather across the entire northern hemisphere is a "cold snap" unproven .0003 degree temperature variation over 400 years a Global Warming eco-Apocalypse).

In addition to wiping out strawberries, beans, and squash, Florida farmers, and much of the rest of the state's economy, would really get a kick in the teeth losing the billion-dollar-a-year citrus crop. But, as the bunny huggers like to point out, so what? They're just people, a blight upon the planet. It's not like they're an endangered species or anything.

Speaking of endangered species, though, the "cold snap" is also affecting Florida's manatee population. It seems all the cold water is stressing the hell out of the sea cows, and they are dying in droves.

''It's the worst winter die-off we've had since we've been counting,'' he said.
''They are literally coming in so fast we can't keep our records up.''

In a bit of irony I'm sure will completely evade the eco-kooks, it seems the survival of hundreds of endangered manatees depends on evil old mankind, in the form of power plants. With water temperatures too cold for them out yonder, manatees have found shelter in the warm-water discharges from power plants. A tallied 500 beasties out of a population estimated at 3,000 or less now gather at the plants to survive. However, the eco-kooks have been clamoring for years to get these plants shut down to be replaced with more eco-friendly "green" facilities. They finally got it done, and these plants are now closing. So now they have to somehow wean the manatees off the warm water and kick them out back into the cold, where they can turn tits up and wash ashore.

Where's Algore and his worshippers when you really need them?

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