Monday, January 04, 2010

Unemployment: Spreading Like Cancer

Here's an animated map of U.S. unemployment rates by county from January '07 to October '09. The darker the color, the higher the unemployment rate.

You can view a larger version here.

I can't help but notice that our intellectual superiors on the coasts have it the worst (so far), while those ignorant provincial bumpkins in the Rockies and Great Plains are experiencing comparatively lower rates of unemployment. Nonetheless it's frightening to be able to visualize the spread of unemployment.

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Bawb said...

Thanks for putting that up Ben. Our local uber Libertarian is an old retired doctor (guess what he thinks of health care "reform"). He's just shy of 90, so he remembers the Great Depression well. He said this things scared the hell out of him.

And just think, these are official government numbers. The real numbers are much worse. Not that we'll ever get anything resembling the true story.

DATELINE 2050: As unemployment reaches 95% in the remaining five United States, President Sasha Obama declares, "It's all Bush's fault!"