Monday, March 01, 2010

Support J.D. Hayworth, the UN-McCain

Even if you don't live in Arizona, you have a stake in this election as the winner will be voting on laws that effect us all. AZ Senator John McCain has been no friend to U.S. gun owners and patriots. J.D. Hayworth, the candidate running against McCain for the GOP nomination, would fight for the cause of freedom. A few examples:
  • Hayworth: "A" rated and endorsed by Gun Owners of America, "A" rated by NRA; McCain: Appeared in commercials for gun ban group, authored anti-gun show legislation, opposed arming pilots after 9-11 (wanted to give them stun guns instead)
  • Hayworth: Helped write tax cuts of 2001 & 2003; McCain: Opposed tax cuts
  • Hayworth: Opposed TARP; McCain: Supported TARP, wanted to dump $300 billion more into it
  • Hayworth: Opposed auto bailouts for big unions; McCain: Supported them.
  • Hayworth: Opposes the cap & tax legislation that would hobble U.S. economy; McCain: Co-wrote cap & tax legislation
  • Hayworth: Opposes amnesty for illegal aliens that would make the rule of law a joke; McCain: Co-wrote the McCain-Kennedy Amnesty bill that the Heritage Foundation estimated would cost taxpayers $2.6 Trillion
For more information check out J.D.'s website.
Rest assured that "Mr. Campaign Finance Reform" John McCain will be raking in millions of dollars from powerful special interests and the establishment apparatus. If Hayworth is to have a chance against this entrenched Washington insider, it's up to "we the people." Please DONATE to his campaign, even if it's only a few dollars.
It's time for McCain to go.


Anonymous said...

If the return of the likes of Hayworth, Santorum and others ejected from Congress is what the Republicans are putting all their hopes into, then the public has voting amnesia.

Ben said...

Putting the GOP's nat'l hopes into McCain didn't work out too well either, as I recall.

Hayworth (from the little bit I've read) appears to be somewhat of a paleo-conservative. This means I would agree with him more than the neo-conservatives who ran the party and the country into the ground during the Bush years. And it means he would certainly be better than McCain who is the worst of all worlds: an authoritarian statist.

Drunk with the power of wielding the nation's credit cards, McCain has spunked contemptuously on the U.S. Constitution time and again. McCain needs to be put out.