Thursday, May 13, 2010

John McCain PERSONALLY Patrolling Border

Border hawk and stalwart conservative (that's sarcasm by the way) Arizona Senator John McCain has had enough of illegal immigration! He's released a new campaign commercial where he and Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu walk along what is apparently the Mexican border. While the two keep a sharp eye out for smugglers and desperadoes, they chat about (appropriately enough) border security. Sheriff Babeu tells McCain that the senator's border plan is "perfect."

Babeu is of course referring to McCain's new election year plan, which involves sending National Guardsmen to the border, hiring 3,000 new border control agents and completing the border fence, not McCain's old non-election year plans which involve not building a fence, not hiring new border agents, not sending the Guard, as well as granting amnesty to the illegal aliens who already broke our laws. At the end of the commercial, Sheriff Babeu tells McCain that "you're one of us." (If Babeu is referring to humans in general or Americans in particular, he's sadly mistaken.)

Here's the commercial, but before you watch it, beware: Glenn Beck warned that the ad may cause viewers to vomit and some are calling it "The Worst 'Danged' Political Ad in History!"

[Update: By the way, I realize that building the "danged fence" is no panacea and the conservative border hawk policies won't end illegal immigration. We also need to streamline and widen the channels for legal immigration and temporary worker programs. Drug trafficking across the border (and the violence that goes with it) won't be seriously curtailed until the feds end their unconstitutional drug prohibition in this country. But regardless of what you feel the proper border and immigration policies should be, can anyone respect such a disingenuous, shape-shifting S.O.B. as John McCain?]

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Bawb said...

He might get the stupid, gullible, and people-who-lived-in-a-cave-for the-last-25-years-vote.