Monday, July 19, 2010


We've noted in the past about the government's Amish ass-kicking "War on Milk". Well, it seems the fight goes on. Like FDR at Yalta, the thugs are demanding the unconditional surrender of those who don't eat at the table of Big Ag and dare to raise, eat, and sell animals in the way mankind has done for several thousand years, and pretty much everyone else on the globe still does.

With the Amish Milk Maquis of Pennsylvania now apparently under control, the Dairy Detectives have gone on the offensive against other enemies of the state.

Most recently, a deadly threat to national security, Sharon Palmer, was raided...again...because of what started as a squabble over how she labeled her goat cheese. Agents from the LA County DA's office, the LA County Sheriff, the Ventura County Sheriff, and the CA Department of Food & Agriculture conducted a five-hour raid on Palmer's farm and took both her milk and her computer.

It is estimated that the Goat Gestapo drove by a meth lab, three dope fields, and 327 illegal aliens en route to Palmer's farm, Sharon and her goats apparently being considered the greatest threat.

The same day as the Palmer raid, more Cattle Cheka raided Rawesome Foods in Venice, CA, a membership-only private food club that sells such public health menaces as unpasteurized milk and organic eggs. This time, in addition to the usual thugs, the FDA and, having apparently rid the nation of Islamic extremists and now with nothing else to do, the FBI.

In June in Minnesota the State Ag Stasi, "escorted by police and also bearing search warrants, raided and shut down Traditional Foods Warehouse, a popular food club in Minneapolis specializing in locally-produced foods. They also raided two farms suspected of illegally selling raw milk. And in a national first among such raids, agents searched a private home and made off with computers; the family's offense appears to have been that it allowed one of the raw dairy farmers to park in its driveway to distribute raw milk to area residents who had ordered it."

In late 2008 and early 2009, the representatives of state agriculture agencies in Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, and Illinois met via phone conferences with representatives of the FDA to map a plan for targeting raw-milk buying clubs in the Midwest. The meetings came to light after Max Kane, the owner of a Wisconsin buying club who was subpoenaed by Wisconsin authorities for the names of his customers and suppliers, obtained email accounts of the sessions via a Freedom of Information request to Wisconsin's Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection department. (Kane has since been prosecuted by Wisconsin authorities for contempt of court for failing to give up the names; his case is under appeal after he was found guilty last December.)

In a telephone interview, BBB caught up with the Dairy DINA agent in charge, Jack B. Thug, who explained:
THUG: This is all about public safety.

BBB: Are you sure? I mean, you can leave a horse carcass festering out in the yard for a week in the sun and it's perfectly acceptable to cut a slab off and give it away. But if you charge a penny for that same hunk of flesh, it's a horrible threat to life.
THUG (squirming uncomfortably): But it's for the children.

BBB: Ah. So it's not about control. It's for the "Greater Good?"
THUG: YES! Yes. That's it. The Greater Good.

BBB: Hmmm. Would this be the "Greater Good" as in when Joseph Stalin unleashed deliberate famine and genocide to crush the small independent farmers in the Ukraine?

THUG: Whew! Look at the time! Gotta go! But don't worry. My friends from Big Ag, Vito and a guy we just call "The Iceman", will be paying you a visit soon and they will explain everything. Everything. In graphic detail.

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Jim Fryar said...

I first found out about the existence of the Amish when I watched The Incredible Bread Machine over thirty years ago. I found them before Hollywood turned out "Witness."

To me they have always represented a benchmark for to the tyranny of the state against peaceful citizens. It is a shame they are such peaceful people, as with the amount of shit they have had to take, if they decided to get even they would have the motivation to form a real kickarse militia.

As an aside Bawb, I have been nominated to be a senate candidate for the LDP over here. If I by some accident of fate get in, Bwaaaarhahaha I won't expect you to tug your forelock or anything like that. Harry Reid/Nancy Pelosi might, but I expect you don't.