Tuesday, July 27, 2010


"Some people balk at restrictions on selling unprocessed milk and other foods. 'How can we not have the freedom to choose what we eat?' one says. Regulators say the rules exist for safety and fairness." "They want almonds cracked fresh from the shell, not those run through a federally mandated pasteurization process that uses either heat or a chemical to kill off salmonella and other possible contaminants. They hunger for meat slaughtered on the farm. And they're willing to pay a premium — $6, $8 or more — for a gallon of milk straight from the cow. So despite research outlining the dangers of consuming raw milk and other unprocessed foods, they're finding ways to circumnavigate federal, state and local laws that seek to control what they can serve at the dinner table. Such defiance, they said, comes from growing distrust of a food sector that has become more industrialized and consolidated — and whose products have been at the root of some of the country's deadliest food contamination cases.

"This is about control and profit, not our health," said Aajonus Vonderplanitz, co-founder of Rawesome Foods. "How can we not have the freedom to choose what we eat?" The Cream Police link ABOVE has a video of jackbooted thugs entering Rawesome food with guns drawn, apparently fearful of an Attack of the Killer Tomatoes or the musk melons opening fire on them.

I can recall our neighbor's dairy farm as a kid. There, we drank milk straight out of the cow. We sometimes took the milk home in jugs for our own use. Later, my family drank plenty of raw goats' milk, and ate goat cheese, and chicken and emu eggs, right out of the bird butts. We eat veggies right out of the garden; they've never seen chemicals. Since boyhood on the farm, I've loved to stand in the garden snapping open pea pods and popping them right into my mouth. We butcher our own deer and antelope in the fall. In college, I worked at a nature center. The county road crews brought us roadkill deer to feed to the various raptors and carnivorous critters. If the roadkill was fresh, I took the backstraps before the animals got the rest. I've eaten just about every species of freshwater fish straight out of the water. We've pick raspberries, thimble-berries, and dwarf huckleberry. We find morel mushrooms the next year after a forest fire by the bucketful.

Yet not once have we gotten sick from all of this. I did, however, once get a bad case of food poisoning from store-bought pastrami. But now we need "safety" and "fairness"?

It's odd. The government happily allows to take things out of our bodies, such as unborn children; it's Choice. Yet we are now apparently not allowed to decide what we can put into our bodies. Apparently choice is a rather nebulous thing.

Thumbing through my copy of the Constituion, I can find nothing that says, "The government shall decide what kind of food you can eat, and where you can buy it."

Well, if outlawing your choice of food isn't enough to convince you our government is completely and utterly out of control and gleefully becoming a totalitarian police state, how about this?

The government now says it OWNS RAINWATER and you can't have it, peasant scum.

This just in: Rawesome Foods from the above raid has been formally charged in Federal court with "Failure to have a large and powerful lobbying group".

Whoops. We have directed one of the rain gutters on our house into a plastic kiddie pool for our dog. Now I see several people dressed in black with ski masks and shotguns and MP-5s in the backyard, measuring the water. What's that sound I hear? Sounds like a jackboot kicking the in door.

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Stephanie said...

Thanks for sharing this information! I did not know much of it. (Especially the part about rainwater. What the what?! I didn't know that at all!)