Tuesday, February 01, 2011


H/T to Jim over at Real World Libertarian.

A recent Wall Street Journal article notes that a news story broadcast by CCTV (the Red Chinese government's own official state-run network--think PBS without Red Green), purports to show the Red Air Force testing a new air-to-air missile. Only problem is, the footage of the target being destroyed just happened to come from the movie Top Gun.

While Western mainstream journalists insist that all Communist propaganda is completely true, American intelligence experts believe that the Chinese government is not above faking and suppressing news. This could make other Communist broadcasts suspect, claims an anonymous CIA expert.

For instance, a frame-by-frame dissection of the Korean War-vintage Red Chinese documentary Chairman Mao Personally Takes to the Air to Wipe the Imperial Yankee Pig Dogs' Jets From the Skies and Liberate the People's Republic of North Korea From the Capitalist Aggressor Swine reveals what could be doctored images, say Air Force Intelligence officials.

The film, purporting to show Chairman Mao personally shooting down American F-86 Sabre jets over Korea, appears to have some discrepancies, according to the Air Force.

Spokesperson Eileen Left from the news agency Reuters disagrees with Air Force officials, insisting the images are as real as those taken by their own award-winning photojournalists, such as Adnan Hajj. Al Jazeera, the Jihad Journal, also vouched for the Chinese film's authenticity, comparing it to their own live footage of American A-10 aircraft deliberately targeting and destroying their camera crews.

Here are the disputed Chinese film frames. Judge for yourself.


Anonymous said...

Frankly, if they are going to show a scene from Top Gun, I would have preferred the shirtless volleyball scene.

Jim Fryar said...

Gee Bawb, I give you a little tip and you take the bit between your teeth and run with it. Your sources are impeccable, especially as I notice in your previous post you have one in the White House.

You haven't hacked into TOTUS have you?