Tuesday, April 05, 2011


On Saturday, April 2nd, the Mexican Army seized, as per The Brownsville Herald, a large cache of weapons from drug lords which: "...seized included 59 assault rifles, 21 handguns, seven Uzi submachine guns, one .762-caliber machine gun, 412 packs of hydrogel industrial explosive, 12 meters of detonation cord, one rocket launcher, one rocket, one grenade launcher, six rounds for 60 mm mortar, three launchable grenades, one RPG and several other grenades."

Yes, it was the original reporter, with the journalists' eye for detail, knowledge of the subject and passion for getting the facts straight, who called it a ".762-caliber machine gun", not me.

Meanwhile, back at WikiLeaks, U.S. officials were caught saying, "The most lethal weapons used by drug cartels in Mexico are smuggled from Central America, not from the United States, according to U.S. Embassy cables unveiled by WikiLeaks, reported La Jornada, a leading newspaper in Mexico City."

Shortly after the news broke, Secretary of Motherland Insecurity Janet "Reno" Napolitano was quick to hold a press conference in which she denied everything.

"We, in this Regime, are not about to let these silly so-called 'realities' and 'truths' get in the way of our policy. We completely made up the figure that 90% of the guns used by Mexican drug lords came from American sporting goods stores, and we stand by our fabrications. Besides, the Fourth Branch of Government, the mainstream press, endlessly repeated the statistic, so that it has now become fact."

"To substantiate our hollow claims, an uncover agent for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Baseball Bats, Cutlery, Hammers, Sticks and Pointy Scissors took the completely un-retouched photo at the head of this column which proves the fact that we have been right all along."

"My associate here, Mr. Beria, will be glad to take any questions later, after the briefing, in a sound-proof cell in the sub-basement. Good day."


Jim Fryar said...

Hey Bawb, you guys just have the best gun shops ever.

I have read that one of the reasons a high proportion of the weapons from Mexico investigated by US authorities are found to be sourced in the US is that the Mexicans only refer them if they suspect that they came from there in the first place.

Bawb said...

I just find it interesting that the government tells us 90% of the guns come from the U.S. while they clandestinely tell themselves 90% come from heavily-armed banana republics. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds and their word is worth less than a festering bowl of dog snot.