Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gun Nut Roundup April 2011

You may have noticed that we did not have our monthly Gun Nut Roundup feature in March.  In order to keep our regular readers (and you two know who you are) from getting the shakes, this month's edition is therefore a double dose.

Wyoming Enacts Constitutional Carry

On March 3rd Wyoming became the fourth state to allow citizens to carry firearms openly or concealed without requiring a permission slip from government bureaucrats.  Vermont, Alaska, and recently Arizona beat the "Equality State" to the punch, and similar bills are being considered in Colorado, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Utah.

ATF Reform Bill Introduced

The NRA-ILA reports that Reps. Steve King (R-Iowa) and Jason Altmire (D-Pa.) have introduced H.R. 1093, the "Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Reform Act."

Among other things the act would: 1)Require BATFE to establish clear investigative guidelines. 2)Clarify the standard for "willful" violations -- allowing penalties for intentional, purposeful violations of the law, but not for simple paperwork mistakes.  3)Improve the process for imposing penalties, notably by allowing FFLs to appeal BATFE penalties to a neutral administrative law judge, rather than to an employee of BATFE itself.  4)Eliminate a provision of the Youth Handgun Safety Act that requires those under 18 to have written permission to use a handgun for lawful purposes (such as competitive shooting or safety training) -- even when the parent or guardian is present. 5)Permanently ban creation of a centralized electronic index of out of business dealers' records.  6)Prohibit BATFE from requiring multiple sales reports on the sale of long guns by limiting BATFE's authority to collect data that is not specifically allowed by statute.

Obama Gets In the Ring

Since President Obama sat eight years on the board of the Joyce Foundation, one of the nation's leading anti-gun organizations, and since being elected president has surrounded himself with a collection of some of the most anti-Second Amendment stooges ever assembled, everyone with two or more braincells already knows he's anti-gun.  However, since the majority of Americans hate gun control, Obama has had to leave it on the back burner as a matter of political survival.  But after the Tucson shootings Obama couldn't resist writing an op-ed piece about gun control to rally his gun-banning pinko base.

Obama's piece appeared in the Arizona Daily Star under the benign-sounding title "We must seek agreement on gun reforms."  Of course Obama says "I believe that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual right to bear arms."  NRA honchos Wayne LaPierre and Chris W. Cox pointed out in their response letter: "Your record as a public official, however, is anything but supportive of the rights of law-abiding gun owners. In fact, when Congress had an opportunity to voice its support for the basic right of lawful Americans to own firearms, you refused to join a bipartisan majority of more than 300 of your colleagues in signing the congressional amicus brief to the Supreme Court in District of Columbia v. Heller. In addition, you previously stated (and have never retracted) your support for both Washington, D.C.'s and Chicago's handgun and self-defense bans that the Court rightfully struck down in Heller and McDonald v. Chicago. [...] More recently, you selected Andrew Traver to head the BATFE, despite his long-standing association with groups that support onerous new restrictions on our rights."

In other words, "Bullpucky, Mr. President."  Once he doesn't have to worry about reelection, Obama will make gun owners' lives hell.  That's who he is.

AZ Gov. Vetoes Guns On Campus

Although Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed the state's Constitutional Carry law into effect last year, she vetoed a law which would have allowed people to carry their guns when walking or driving through public universities and community colleges in the state.  (Guns would have still been prohibited inside campus buildings.)  "The bill was just poorly, sloppily written" Brewer told Fox News. "The legislation should have been crystal clear."

According to Students for Concealed Carry on Campus, Utah is currently the only state that prohibits its public colleges and universities from placing restrictions on otherwise lawful carry.  15 states leave it entirely up to the colleges themselves, with only a slim handful of colleges opting to allow campus carry.  All the rest of the states generally ban carrying on campus. Psychotic murderers are expected to honor these prohibitions when planning their mass-killings or face the wrath of their college's student disciplinary committee.

ATF Gets Subpoenaed

A U.S. House committee has slapped Acting ATF Director Kenneth Melson with a subpoena as part of its ongoing investigation into the agency's ill-fated "Project Gunrunner."  During Project Gunrunner the ATF  knowingly allowed thousands of guns to be illegally purchased in this country and smuggled into Mexico, in the hope that the weapons could then be "traced" when they were found at crime scenes.  Brilliant plan! Two of the ATF's guns showed up at the murder of Customs and Border Protection agent Brian Terry last December.  Then in February, another Project Gunrunner weapon was used to gun down I.C.E agent Jaime Zapata.

When Acting ATF Director Melson ignored a request to provide the House committee with certain documents, California Congressman Darrell Issa, chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, issued the subpoena.  Senator Chuck Grassley has complained of "stonewalling" by the ATF on his own investigation into Project Gunrunner.  Since ATF is ultimately run by a certain president whose leg they enjoy humping, the mainstream media have largely ignored the scandal.

Ruger Introduces New Scout Rifle

The scout rifle concept was promoted by the late Colonel Jeff Cooper.  He defined their characteristics as weighing less than 3 kg (6.6 lbs in human terms), having an overall length of less than 1 meter (39.4 in), being chambered in 7.62 X 51 mm (.308) or 7mm-08 and having a forward-mounted low magnification telescopic sight.  The new Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle seems to mostly fit that bill. 

I don't have anything pithy to say about it, I just thought it was neat.  I might have to get me one, if my kids agree to stop eating and growing into new clothes for a while.  Or if some Ruger execs wanted to send me and Bawb each one of these to test and keep, I bet we'd write up some really rave reviews of the product (wink, wink).

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