Monday, October 24, 2011


They're baaacccckkkkk! Top RINO idiots, our old pals Juan McStain (R: Sonora) and Lindsey Grahamnesty (R: Wolkenkuckucksheim), angry that the Dems are trying to gain a completely monopoly on stupidity and waste, are trying to make a comeback...and some m0ney, I'm sure...and get some face time on TV.

Figuring we haven't butted into everyone else's business around the globe and pissed enough countries off yet, and that we have too much taxpayer money and need to spend some more, these two RINOs are leading the charge to have the U.S. rebuild Libya. More "nation building"! Yeah! It worked so well in Iraq and Afghanistan, let's try it again.

Wasn't Einstein's definition of insanity doing the exact same thing over and over again but expecting a different result?

Ah, there's nothing to make you feel powerful like a little "nation building". Bomb the shit out of them, force some good ol' American "democracy" and "freedom" down their throats whether they want it or not, spend billions of borrowed money we don't have rebuilding their country, wind up occupying it for a decade or two until not just the new regime, which has already adopted Sharia law, but the man in the street also starts blowing up our troops and exporting terrorism here because we've long since worn out our welcome, if any. Meanwhile, our own debt skyrockets and our own infrastructure crumbles while whatever regime in power in our own country slides swiftly towards a police state to assure the government keeps accumulating power and money no matter how badly they &$%# things up. Did I miss anything in the process?

Oh yeah, "nation building" calls for lots of no-bid contracts for "entrepreneurs" like Halliburton, Brown, and Root to send in their "private contractors" to make obscene amounts of money hand-over-fist, much of which will probably find its way into the pockets of people like, well, like...McCain and Graham for instance. Happy ending again.

McStain, putting down his crack pipe, told Faux News “They’re willing to reimburse us. It’s not a matter of money."

Senator Grahamnesty apparently dropped acid before explaining, “So we’ll get our money back, but the one thing we can’t get back is an opportunity. And this is an opportunity to take a dictatorship, the mad dog of the Mideast, and replace him with people who live in peace with us. “We can do business, have economic ties that will allow American business to prosper from a free Libya. So I know we’re broke [obviously he doesn't], but if you disengage the world, you’ll regret it and if we miss this opportunity, we’ll regret it.”

McCain then said, "It won't cost the U.S. taxpayer a dime!" Both Senators stifled laughs.

"The check's in the mail." This, from Grahamnesty, caused them both to snort and snigger.

"I won't come in your mouth!"

"We won't raise taxes!"

The senators then chanted in unison, "Free trade with all, entangling alliances with none!" Immediately afterwards they rolled on the floor in uncontrolled mirth and laughter."

Finally they were able to regain their composure and take their seats again, gasping and still wiping tears of helpless laughter from their eyes. Before the commentator could ask them another question, McCain leaned toward Grahamnesty and whispered, "Constitution."

At which point they again fell out of their chairs doubled over with weeping, hysterical laughter, clutching at their sides and kicking their feet in the air.

Finally, they ended the interview by picking up a pair of fiddles. "This is a little number I like to call Rome is Burning," said McCain, "And a one, and a two..."

At least their fiddles were in tune with Obama's.

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Jim Fryar said...

Sort of reminds me of the frozen food ads we have over here; "Ah McCain, you've done it again."