Saturday, June 09, 2012


The PC hoplophobes strike again. Thanks to JIM at Real World Libertarian for catching this PC POS. It's so fracked up I can't even come up with any sarcasm. Two members of the Olympic swim team, visiting the US, posed with evil guns and posted a pic on-line. Now they are being hounded as if they were serial killers for doing so. The poor bi-athletes may end up being hanged in the public square.

How come we Constitutionalist and Libertarian types don't have the "right" to be offended by anything and everything? (Not that we would use it, our general train of thought tending toward you leave me the hell alone and I'll leave you the hell alone.) I could come up with quite a list of things the left does which "offend" me.

Once more the gurus of tolerance and equality find some pigs (themselves) more equal than others. If the boys had posed with an aborted fetus or George Bush's severed head, the MSM and the uber Liberals (but I repeat myself) would hail them as heroes. But shotguns and pistols?!?! Oh, the horror! The horror!

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Jim Fryar said...

The latest announcement from Swimming Australia is that as punishment, as soon as their events are over they will sent home in disgrace.

Being seen with legal products that are not PC gets you into deep water with the fascists running things here.