Thursday, June 28, 2012


The liberal elite, especially in politics, the press and academia, always attribute to themselves a smug intellectual superiority to the washed masses on the "other side". We drooling hicks out here in Guns 'n' Bibles cretin Country, who march in lockstep to our masters' commands, with small minds and small thinking (you know...the Constitution, rights, freedom, sovereignty, etc.) are obviously inferior in intellect.  We are brain-washed buffoons willing to do the bidding of giant corporations and evil Republicans at the drop of a hat. To prove this, the libs come up with brilliant oratory and sweeping ideas expressing deep thoughts and a profound understanding of  Utopian ideals.

"Hope 'n' Change."
"Yes We Can."
"Give Me Money!"

A gathering of a million individuals, on their own initiative, without any Big Two Party affiliation, to express conscious and rational beefs against governmental excesses and over-reach, if it gets reported at all, is an Astroturf Movement, robots clanking in step, doing the bidding of their dark overlords. A gathering of four lesbians and eight paid protestors with misspelled placards, on the other hand, is "Grass Roots", a "Movement", "the People."

Take, for instance, the recent "protests" against Karl Rove. Here we see a true George Soros funded Rent-A-Mob (TM) Grass Roots political movement with deeply-felt convictions which the participants express with great credence and eloquence indeed.

Such as:
"Bullshit. Get off it.
The enemy is profit."

"Karl Rove is...a guy."

"Just right now in the conference was my first time hearing his name."

"I don't like the guy."

Or my favorite, see how many times you can work the talking point phrase "Neo-Con Agenda" into one sentence.

That last guy is...a guy. And I don't like the guy. See, we can offer intellectual political discourse as well.

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