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 Chicago Politics: Blame the Guns!

The Liberals have all the answers. Just ask ‘em and they’ll tell you. Better yet, don’t even bother to ask. The politicians and the MSM and academia and Hollywierd will still tell you anyway.

This being the case, you would think these “Wizards of Smart” would have a great big “I Love Me Wall” emblazoned with evidence and stories of an endless parade of blinding successes. You know, in places they have controlled politically for decades, where they firmly hold the purse strings and have basically had it all their own way to implement their grand Utopian Liberal designs as they’ve seen fit. Wonderful, safe, homey places like LA, Detroit, New York, Atlanta, St. Louis, Boston, Philly, Washington D.C. and the good ol’ Windy City itself, political spawning ground of the likes of Barack Hussein Obama.

You’d think Chicago in particular would be a veritable Garden of Eden by now. The political machine there has not elected a Republican since 1927. For a period of about half a century, there was actually a little-known city statute that no one could become mayor unless his last name was “Daley”. This was Illinois’ Royal Family, the poor cousins of America’s Royal Family, the Kennedys, but they all worked together to advance Leftist causes.

Chicago had already earned itself quite a name in politics even before 1919. In that year, a bunch of absolutely scary-looking women with hatchets who you’d think would have been all in favor of drunk guys as their only hope of ever getting laid, exercised their new found power of the vote to help force through Congress the Volstead Act, aka Prohibition. It was about as successful as every other instance in which a highly vocal minority with political clout rammed their personal views down everyone else’s throats, including those continuing power plays going on at this very moment. The main unintended consequences of Prohibition were the creation of organized crime as a major power in the US, a vast increase in the law enforcement power of the federal government, and yet more political corruption, with Chicago proudly leading the way. The King of the Gangsters Al Capone was the de facto ruler of Chicago, where he and his opponents used the new-fangled motor car and Thompson submachine gun to create the drive-by shooting, a proud tradition still carried on by Chicagoans to this day. Capone’s downfall indirectly came from politics; he was busted for tax evasion in 1931 for listing Chicago’s last GOP mayor, William “Big Bill” Thompson, and numerous other city and police officials as “dependants” when he filed his taxes. Such was the corruption in Chicago during Prohibition that even Detroit, not yet a unionized Muslim caliphate in those days, merely received an “honorable mention” when Michigan State Police busted a speakeasy in that city that netted the mayor, the sheriff and the local congressman.

With Chicago now firmly and apparently permanently in Democrat hands, FDR’s New Deal of the 1930’s, LBJ’s Great Society of the 1960’s, and BHO’s “Change” of 2008 all pumped gargantuan amounts of federal tax dollars into the city’s coffers, as opposed to the merely gigantic amounts of those lean years in between. When federal money proved insufficient to enact their wondrous improvements to society, the Chicago political machine merely taxed the living shit out of “their own”. Their own now includes basically every working person in the entire state of Illinois (which is not, BTW, officially “one of those states in the middle.”) It is not a symbiotic relationship. It’s more like something you’d see on MST3K, a bad 1950’s B horror movie, The Giant Mutant Tick From Hell. Chicago political power grows just for the sake of growth (the ideology of the cancer cell), sucking its host dry while at the same time infecting it with the Liberal equivalent of Lyme’s Disease.

The socialist Left has basically had free reign in Chicago for decades, having taken possession of all the power and all the money they could possibly squander to instigate all their favorite Liberal-Socialist panaceas. Yes, they “led the way” in reforming Chicago society into the peaceful and prosperous Utopia it is today. For instance, great forward-looking educational reformers like Terrorist Bill “Boom-Boom” Ayers, now Education Secretary Arne “Sandy” Duncan, Jesse “Shakedown” Jackson and Barack “Not Me” Obama, among others, brought significant changes in Chicago’s public education system. Of course they were backed up all the way by the Chicago Teachers Union.

Among other quality improvements, these people sought…not even making this crap up…the collection of student’s biometric data, Radical Math for Social Justice, an all-gay Social Justice Solidarity High School, forced/bribed school affiliation with “external partners” (ACORN), Restorative Justice, to “raise political consciousness” in students and to make education the “motor force of revolution.”

Alas, with a measly $2.9 billion a year budget, Chicago’s publik skools just didn’t have the funding to make any real strides in education. The Chicago Teachers Union President Karen “Fat Bastard in Drag” Lewis recently blamed CPS’ unending disastrous failures on “racism” and “rich white people.” This was a stunning revelation, as she had formerly been blaming bankers, capitalists, standardized testing, charter schools, a “culture of fear” and Rahm Emanuel for all the dismal failures which occurred on her watch. With leadership like that, it’s no wonder Chicago high school social studies teacher Jason Spoor (not making it up!) proudly displays portraits of Che Guevara and Karl Marx in his classroom.

As a result of all their hard work and spending, Chicago schools are a disaster and, according to the alarmists who say only spending more taxpayer money can fix anything, teetering on the abyss of a one billion dollar budget deficit. Chicago recently set another new standard with the largest single mass school closing in US history, shutting down no less than 53 of their vaunted educational paradises this year.

Working almost as well as their education reforms have been Chicago’s long standing frothing-at-the-mouth attacks on the Second Amendment. Chicago boasts some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation. By 1982, Chicago had already effectively banned private ownership of handguns…all firearms needed to be registered by law, but the city would not register handguns unless they had already been registered prior to 1982. Illinois is now the only state in which no citizen can legally carry a concealed handgun. In Chicago you must obtain an Illinois state FOID (Firearms Owners Identification) card ($100, renewed every 3 years) and a Chicago Firearm Permit ($100 x 3 years) to buy even a single box of ammunition…”Achtung! Vere are your papers?!?!” I’m not sure where you would find a gun store to buy that ammo…Chicago prohibits the sale of firearms within city limits. You may only possess your registered ($15) firearm within your own dwelling…you can’t legally take it out in the back yard or the garage or anything. That weapon cannot be a banned “assault weapon”, nor can it hold more than 10 rounds and yes, barrel shrouds are included in the law as being evil. Chicago’s gun laws actually prohibit museums from displaying old, unloaded firearms.

Why Hell, with all those gun control laws Chi-town must be just about the safest place in the world, right?

Er, not so much; Chicago enjoys some of the highest homicide rates in the country. Go figure. Chicago boasted in excess of 500 murders last year alone; Ireland couldn’t produce that many bodies even combining the two bloodiest years at the height of The Troubles. The residents of this gun-free Liberal Utopia celebrated Father’s Day weekend with 41 shootings resulting in 5 deaths. More recently, they took advantage of the long 4th of July holiday weekend to squeeze in 72 shootings resulting in a dozen dead. Statistically, it’s safer to walk the streets of Baghdad, which has led to Chicago being referred to as “Chiraq.” Denizens of Detroit are incensed that Chicago earned such a nickname while they’re stuck with “Little Mogadishu.”

Predictably, Mayor Rahm Emanuel led the charge of politicians and media hacks screaming that only more gun control can possibly stop the violence.

Fred Zamberletti of the Minnesota Vikings once actually said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing year after year and expecting different results." The phrase has also been attributed to others, such as Benjamin Franklin or Albert Einstein, but may have come from Narcotics Anonymous. New York Magazine even made an extraordinary Evel Knievel-like leap to attribute it all to lesbian novelist Rita Mae Brown in an attempt to discredit Mitch McConnel when he dared use the quote to criticize the Obama Administration’s endlessly repeated failed policies. And why not? They certainly couldn’t have written an article defending Obama’s policies on their own merits.

Just as they can’t argue that all the continuing success of Chicago’s present gun control laws will lead to even more success if they pass more of them. Instead, they’ll just mince statistics that Chicago’s homicide rate isn’t all that bad and Chicago’s gun control efforts are a failure because we haven’t inflicted those laws on the entire country yet.

Just as Prohibition had the unintended consequences of creating and empowering the Mafia and gangsters like Al Capone, Chicago’s gun laws have also had the side effect of making inner city gangs who are already running virtually unchecked even more powerful. Their victims have been stripped of any means of self-defense. All the police can do is come by later and draw a chalk line around your bullet-riddled corpse. In reality, the Leftist political powers-that-be in Chicago don’t really want the police to crack down on gangs. The more fear and foment in the streets, the more willing the surviving populace is to vote still more power and money to the government which, in this case, means the uber-Liberal ruling elite who’s been in power for decades and plans to remain right there.

I think THIS GUY put it pretty well: “It’s as if they live in some alternate universe – apparently, none of the city’s politicians have ever watched the History Channel’s illuminating series, “Gangland” which makes it abundantly clear that inner city gangs (including Chicago’s) are as heavily armed as ever. In fact, these street thugs merely laugh at gun laws, even boldly showing their guns to the interviewer, right on camera!”

By Rahm Reasoning, vicious criminals who don’t give a damn about murder, assault, robbery, rape, extortion, drug dealing, pimping and umpteen other gun laws will somehow suddenly be stopped cold in the tracks by just one more additional gun law. “Zoinks!” they’ll say, or words to that effect. “You know, I didn’t mind breaking all those other laws, commandments and basic social mores and brutalizing and killing people, but the fact that I might violate Chicago Gun Law #374.2 really shakes me up. I think I’ll give up my lucrative life of crime, throw my gun in the river, and take up a part-time minimum wage job at a convenience store so I can afford to pay my fine for not having health care insurance!”

Yeah, good luck with that.

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