Friday, February 22, 2008

TV Review: "Jericho"

On February 12, CBS began showing the second season of the apocalyptic series “Jericho.” The series details the lives of the residents of a small Kansas community after America’s major population centers are nuked in a coordinated terrorist attack.

The main character is Jake Green, played by “Scream” star Skeet Ulrich. 32 year old Jake is the son of Jericho’s mayor, played by veteran actor Gerald McRaney, and returns to Jericho after having apparently left town amidst scandal and controversy. While away he was involved in some shady business as a private contractor in Iraq. While home to try to reconnect with his family and friends the terrorists strike.

The terrorists hit the major cities with small nuclear devices , knocking out the power grid and communications networks. Without power or information, Jericho nearly plunges into complete chaos. Jake and his friends and family must rally the town to defend against anarchy, starvation, marauding looters and a hostile neighboring town.

A mysterious stranger named Robert Hawkins arrives in town shortly before the incident, with his estranged family in tow. We soon learn that he has first hand knowledge of the terror plot, and a nasty little secret buried in his tool shed, namely the last remaining nuke. The terror plot is a labyrinthine conspiracy involving elements of the federal government.

As the second season begins, the army of the new “Allied States of America” (consisting of the states west of the Mississippi, minus Texas) arrives to restore order. Far from Jericho, the nation is ripped by a civil war, east versus west, with independent Texas trying to decide which side to join. The storyline now has less to do with the towns battle for survival and now is delving into political intrigue in the new country.

The government of the Allied States in the west includes at least some of the conspirators from the terror plot. Jake and Hawkins now must unravel the conspiracy and get the proof to Texas so they won’t join the corrupt government based in Cheyenne Wyoming.

While those of you with much grounding in military tactics or agriculture may occasionally wince at some of the technical details in the show, all in all it’s an interesting show, especially for network television. It was cancelled once and brought back due to a grassroots campaign by its fans. You might want to check it out while you can. “Jericho”airs Tuesdays, 9pm central time on CBS.

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Bawb said...

Sorry, we only get two TV channels up here in the hills, and one of them sporadically. Then again, this whole country would probabaly be better off without TV. Maybe I'll have to to buy the first season on DVD.