Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Yes ladies and gentlemen, here is further proof of the Brady Bunch's assertation that only government agents are professional enough, smart enough, and well-trained enough to be allowed to have guns.

If that's not enough for you, here's an oldie but a goodie, the DEA's "Mr. Gun Safety Guy" showing students how to shoot one's own foot. "I'm the only one here professional enough to handle the Glock...BANG!"



Ben said...

The video of the DEA agent shooting his foot was kind of uncomfortable to watch. Especially how he tried to act all cool and integrate it into his safety demonstration. What a buffoon!

(Maybe this is redundant, but for you non-gun nuts out there, the officer-babe in the news photo has the magazine in her weapon backwards, meaning the bullets are facing toward her. He he he!)

Angry Exile said...

Bawb, my lawyers will be in touch about that photo you put up and how it's led to my forehead now displaying a mirror image of the letters H, N and B. Also the rib I busted.

Bawb said...

Nice try Angry, but I don't believe one could even chamber a round with the mag in bass ackwards.

Angry Exile said...

It was more a head/keyboard interaction kind of injury combined with thoracic trauma from laughing at the silly bitch. I'm nicking the photo, by the way. I don't know any sporting shooter who won't piss themselves laughing when they see it.

Bawb said...

Did you watch the linked-to video of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agent shooting himself in the foot as part of his gun safety presentation to the school children?

That's highly amusing too. Leave those things to the "Professionals", idiots like us in the public couldn't handle a Glock that "safely".

Angry Exile said...

No, but I know the one you mean and I've seen it a few times before. If it's the one I think it is the guy is holding the gun up and says something like 'I'm the only person in this room that I know of who's qualified to handle one of these-' *BLAM* One of the most epic insertions of foot in mouth ever. Funny because of the timing, but also pretty worrying. I've only been in the vicinity of an ND once, and despite knowing everything was aimed downrange hearing a load of bolts being worked back and forth followed by a lot of clicks and one loud bang it opened my arsehole just a little bit. Seeing some bellend do it with a live round in a fucking safety video... Jeez, and us Brits are supposed to know shit about guns, right? And even I know there's no external safety on that fucker so careful is more important than cool.