Tuesday, March 25, 2008


God bless Montana. State officials here are once again butting heads with Fedgov, this time over the assinine "Real ID" that will do absolutely nothing to keep us safe from "terror" since it only applies to law-abiding citizens and those here legally.


Fiery Montana Democratic Governor Brian Schweitzer calls the mandatory, Orwellian edict from the Feds, among other things, a "hare-brained scheme" and a "Faustian bargain"...that's a "deal with the Devil" to those of you in Rio Lindo. Freshman Democratic Senator John Tester refered to Real ID as a "Beltway blunder" and senior Democratic Senator Max Baucus applauded state officials for their resistance and called the deadline threatened by Fedgov "arbitrary and ineffective." Only REPUBLICAN Representative Denny Rehberg has caved to the Feds and is bleating for Montana to surrender to Big Brother.

Montana's plan of action? Basically, we're just going to ignore Big Brother and his odious power grabs. To quote Schweitzer again, "...we've found it best just to tell them to go to hell, and run your state the way you want to run your state."

So Homeland Security continues to bully United States citizens and individual states, while standing on the sunken grave of the Tenth Amendment, all in the name of "security". If the evil clowns out in Sodom on Potomac actually wanted to do SOMETHING that might in some way actually secure us against terrorism, all they need to do is look to the south. Border Patrol statistics have shown that it's not just Mexicans sneaking into the United States these days; a significant and rapidly growing portion of border crossers are (surprise!) Islamic males of Middle-Eastern descent. Hmmm. Now what possible reason could they have to enter the country illegally?

When questioned about this, Homeland Security Deputy Unterofficer Adolph Stalin replied, "Actung! Silence! How dare you question our authority?!?!? Vere are your papers? I vill beat you mit my truncheon, schweinhund! Just vait until ve haff das gulags built."

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