Thursday, April 01, 2010


Even with the state-run press doing everything they can to make the issue invisible, the global warming scam continues to slowly, quietly implode. If this had been a hot button “conservative” issue, they would be screaming daily for heads on pikes, but no matter. Even some of the plumpest and most buoyant rats are starting to sneak off the sinking global warming ship. More new Climategate icebergs have been hitting the ship in the form of “Cowgate”, in which the UN’s claim that cow farts are destroying the planet is coming unraveled as the apples-to-oranges numerical contortions (torture numbers and they’ll confess to anything) used as “proof” are examined. And a new article coming out in the journal Geophysical Research Letters found that half of the variations in Polar sea ice are due to wind patterns rather than global warming. (I personally still want to know what effect polar bear farts have on the environment, and think that I should receive a huge government grant to study the “problem”.)

One global warming true believer who’s suddenly grabbing a life preserver and heading for the rail is Walter Mead, senior foreign policy fellow for the UN-cheerleading Council on Foreign Relations. He has suddenly begun berating the movement, perhaps in an attempt to save some tiny shred of his credibility. “The global warming meltdown confirms all the populist suspicions out there about an arrogantly clueless establishment invoking faked ‘science’ to impose cockamamie social mandates on the long-suffering American people, backed by a mainstream media that is totally in the tank.”

British Petroleum and Conoco-Phillips recently decided to quit slitting their own wrists and withdrew from the U.S. Climate Action Partnership, causing the state-run media to regurgitate a flurry of indignant and somewhat too strident editorials that other companies aren’t leaving. And the UN’s Climate Chief Yvo de Boer, who had such high hopes for ramming home his agenda at the Convention on Climate Change, has quietly resigned and slunk away to “pursue new challenges”. You may see him on the streets of Copenhagen, playing a violin, his hat set out on the sidewalk for you to throw change into.

Yet the likes of Al “The Goracle” Gore, top UN hacks, and government entities will not go quietly into that good night. There’s way too much money and power involved to let facts get in the way. They're fighting back, in their nutcase ways. The U.K. Telegraph ran a piece entitled “Warmists Overwhelmed by Fear, Panic and Deranged Hatred as Their ‘Science’ Collapses.”

Governments around the world, at least in developed countries featuring indoor plumping and garbage services, have invested billions in the boondoggle. As an added bonus, greenhouse gas “monitoring” allows Uncle Sammy, or whoever, to spy on (and eventually control) just about everything we peasants do. Large financial institutions, including some banks the taxpayers had to bail out, have invested billions as well, expecting to make big bucks peddling “carbon credits”. Then there’s a very large number of global warming “scientists” who stand to lose prestige, credibility, and, most important, funding. The poor little lab-coated frauds cringe at the very thought of having to go out and find real jobs. I always think of Bill Murray's psychic "research" scam at the beginning of the first Ghost Busters.

So the frauds are going down kicking and screaming. The good old UN has actual plans to create a “green world order” by 2012. The International Monetary Fund is trying to create a gigantic climate change slush fund. OF COURSE, the American EPA is forging ahead with their un-Constitutional mandates, rules, and regulations that carry the force of law without any of that pesky legislation. To justify their BS, the State Department (WTF???) is running Google ads, (naturally we taxpayers are footing the bill) on various web sites with links to articles such as “The Need for Action on Climate Change Is Urgent!” Cartoon pictures of drowning polar cubs are of course mandatory to brainwash the children.

Perhaps the most nefarious new tactic of the alarmists has been to pass the ball from the “scientists” to the lawyers. They can drag these things through the courts for years, until they finally find some leftist wacko judge (such as those found in the Kalifornia-based 9th Circus Court) to rule the way they want. Or until the companies they are suing give them a big fat chunk of cash for them to just shut up and go away. Probably the best example of this tripe is Corner v. Murphy Oil. These moonbats are suing the oil company for causing Hurricane Katrina (and seeking monetary “damages”, of course.)

So enjoy the global warming Titanic smashing into a few more icebergs, but don’t expect it to sink overnight. The true believers and their cronies in media and government are pumping and bailing as hard as they can. Let’s just hope the ship goes under before more legislation and regulation gets rammed through by the O-bots. Health care was bad enough.

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