Saturday, April 17, 2010


HOPE NOT HATE. "Let's get them! They have Palin pins on!"

So lately we've have Billy Jeff Clinton come out and decry the Tea Party movement as well, comparing them to the militias of his tenure, who allegedly bombed the OKC Federal building. We can just add him to a very, very long list of left-wing loons in government and in the press twisting their hankies and whining about the danger of violence associated with those mean 'n' nasty ol' right-wing white racist Nazi hate-monger Tea Party extremists.

Funny, though, when actual violence occurs it does not even make the "news" if the left instigates it.

For instance, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's Campaign Finance Director Allee Bautsch and her boy friend were leaving a Republican fund-raiser in New Orleans. There just happened to be left-wing protesters outside the event. At any rate, while leaving the fund-raiser Alee and boyfriend Joe Brown were attacked, and I do mean ATTACKED. Allee wound up with a broken leg; Joe suffered a concussion, a fractured nose and a broken jaw in the incident. There were reports of a verbal altercation before the attack, most suggesting the shouting match was about their support for Sarah Palin. One report has Allee stating from the hospital that one of the attackers was heard to say, “Let’s get them, they have Palin pins on!”

The quick, loud, and indignant response by the alert "news" reporters at the Ministry of Truth came immediately: (Soft sounds of crickets chirping in the distance, slight night breeze in the trees.)

That's right. You never heard a thing about it, did you?

We've all heard about the crazy right-wing Christian nutcase militia, the Hutaree, ad nauseum, about how dangerous they were and how they were plotting to blow up cops and then blow up more police at the funeral and kick puppies and take candy from babies. Whether or not the Hutaree were actually planning any such crazy attack (at least one of them was an undercover fed, who are notorious for creating crimes by whipping everyone else up into doing something illegal so they can make a bust and justify the operation and its costs) the feds and the media are pulling out all the stops trying to paint a horrifying picture of them.

One press release from the Feebs bragged of confiscating: A copy of "My New Order" by Hitler; audio of "The Turner Diaries," a novel that is popular with white supremacists; a samurai sword; a jeweled dagger; a ballistic helmet; an intrusion detection machine; and a CD titled "Explosives, Ordnance and Demolition;" at the two-story home of suspected Hutaree member Thomas Piatek in Whiting, Ind.

Granted, these are not the kind of people you'd invite to your bar mitzvah, or even go bowling with, but nothing I see on the list is actually illegal in any way, shape, or form. But it looks bad and scary on the news. Even if this all turns out to be one big fraud during the trial and all charges are quietly dropped, you won't hear about it. They have already been tried and convicted in the court of public opinion by the Propaganda Ministry so jerks like Heinrich Holder and Reno Napalitano can say, "See! We told you so! Gun-owners and Christians and veterans are deadly terrorists!"

Meanwhile, in New Yawk City, another plot was uncovered, but you probably won't hear more than a brief blurb or footnote about it. There was a major gang takedown when it was found that the otherwise shooting-at-each other Bloods and Crips had decided to declare a peace treaty so they could shoot a bunch of cops instead, sniping them from the rooftops in ambush when they responded to calls. The case involved 104 suspects, dozens of guns, two murders, and huge amounts of drugs and cash. Law enforcement found out about the elaborate plan through wire-taps; they didn't even need an agent provocateur stirring things up from the inside or giving them ideas.

Unless one of the suspects has a large collection of Adolph Hitler-with-farm-animals pornography, don't expect to hear much from this story either, if you hear of it at all.

Gee, and they wonder why nobody trusts the "mainstream" media or the government anymore.

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