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I know I hit the subject on a regular basis, but I get so sick and tried of the loony left and their media puppets going on and on and on with their hypocrisy, double-standards, censorship and, let’s face it, outright lies.

For instance, we all remember the weeks and weeks of 24/7 coverage about the horrible “hate crime” of the Duke University La Crosse team rape case. Until it turned out to be completely false. Then it instantly disappeared from the radar.

Something else at Duke University, however, never even got on the radar in the first place. The university’s associate director of the Center for Health Policy Frank Lombard was exposed as a pedophile child rapist who transmitted his molestation live on the Internet. He was arrested for offering his adopted 5-year-old son up for sex over the Internet. An FBI informant allegedly saw Lombard online performing sex acts on an African-American child believed to be one of his adopted sons; Frank and his same-sex partner had adopted more than one boy. He advised his fellow Internet perverts that adoption was easy enough, “especially for a black boy”, since there are more of them waiting for adoption. He also advised that abusing a child was “easier when he was too young to know what was happening and when he couldn’t talk…He had a little too much Benadryl. Was knocked out.”

So where the hell were the Justice Brothers, Al and Jesse? Where was the state-run press with 24/7 news coverage for weeks on end? Where were all the Hollywood celebrities speaking out? Where the cries for prosecution as a “hate crime” and the strictest sentencing possible?

This week, a 67-year-old white supremacist lawyer named Richard Barrett was killed in Pearl, MS. The killer was a young local black man who knew him. Barrett was stabbed multiple times in the neck, had his head bashed in, and then his body was burned.

Granted, Barrett’s views were no doubt offensive to just about everybody. I sure wouldn’t want him dating my sister or living next door. Even for a white supremacist, though, it seems Barrett was a bit of a joke. The Southern Poverty Law Center, a group of absolute kooks who cry wolf and see dangerous right-wing boogeymen under every bed and behind every tree, wasn’t even worried about him. "Richard Barrett was a guy who ran around the country essentially pulling off publicity stunts," said Mark Potok of the SPLC. "He really never amounted to any kind of leader in the white supremacist movement."

Regardless of what Barrett may have done or been, will his killing be charged and prosecuted as a “hate crime”. Is this “extremism”? Will there be charges of, and frowning discussion by talking heads about, racism, and violence associated with racism? Will there be endless news coverage and celebrities and politicians running about waving their arms and wailing? Are you kidding?

Racism, hate, violence, extremism, et al is always a one-way street. Only the right is capable of such things, never the left. That’s why we’re being constantly bombarded by the socialist politicians and their Propaganda Ministry trying to paint the Tea Party movement as some kind of mindless herd of racist homophobic violent extremists.

Now the Anti Defamation League is releasing reports calling for a “major law enforcement operation” against opponents of big government and health care reform.

“During the first few months of 2010, anti-government extremism has taken on a new level of intensity in the United States. The arrests of the Hutaree militia in Michigan illustrate this passion, which exists both within and outside the militia movement. Unfortunately, the Hutaree arrests may come to be seen not as the culmination, but rather as a first step in what may need to become a major national law enforcement operation.”

That's right, boys and girls. If you dare to mention that the emperor has no clothes, get ready for some jackboots and jail cells. Tea Partiers are not, apparently, protected by the First Amendment. Or any other Civil Rights legislation for that matter, at least if they’re white men.

“Civil rights laws were not passed to protect the rights of white men and do not apply to them.” -- Mary Frances Berry, Chairman, US Commission on Civil Rights

So what exactly is protected by the 1st Amendment? What is not dangerous or violent or in need of policing? Why, such non-racist, non anti-Semitic, non-hateful, non-violent, non-extremist quotes as these:

"I know how the 'tea party' people feel, the anger, venom and bile that many of them showed during the recent House vote on health-care reform. I know because I want to spit on them, take one of their 'Obama Plan White Slavery' signs and knock every racist and homophobic tooth out of their Cro-Magnon heads." -- Courtland Milloy, Washington Post

“The white man is not only practicing racism and Zionism and with the prostitution ring, the so-called Jew man with the Jew woman all over the world to make a few dollars. He is also practicing sexism. He's a racist, he's a Zionist, a sexist, and imperialist. He's a no good bastard. He's not a devil, the white man is the Devil.” -- Khalid Abdul Muhammad, Nation Of Islam & New Black Panther Party

[I]f we were in other countries, we would all right now, all of us together, all of us together would go down to Washington and we would stone Henry Hyde to death! We would stone him to death! [crowd cheers] Wait! Shut up! Shut up! No shut up! I’m not finished. We would stone Henry Hyde to death and we would go to their homes and we’d kill their wives and their children. We would kill their families. “actor” Alec Baldin

“I am going to be like a pit bull. That is the way I'm going to be against the Jews. I am going to bite the tail of the honkies.” -- Khalid Abdul Muhammad, Nation Of Islam & New Black Panther Party

"F*** God D*mned Joe the God D*mned Motherf*cking plumber! I want Motherf*cking Joe the plumber dead." -- Charles Karel Bouley, liberal talk show host on the air.

“I say to Jewish America: Get ready...knuckle up, put your boots on, because we're ready and the war is going down... The real deal is this: Black youth do not want a relationship with the Jewish community or the mainstream white community or the foot shuffling, head-bowing, knee bobbing black community... All you Jews can go straight to hell.” -- Quannell X, National Youth minister for the Nation Of Islam

"If there is retributive justice [Sen. Jesse Helms] will get AIDS from a transfusion, or one of his grandchildren will get it." NPR legal affairs correspondent Nina Totenberg

"I hope his wife feeds him lots of eggs and butter and he dies early like many black men do, of heart disease." USA Today columnist Julianne Malveaux on Clarence Thomas.

"For hypocrisy, for sheer gall, [Newt] Gingrich should be hanged." Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen.

“When white folks can’t defeat you, they’ll always find some Negro, some boot-licking, butt-licking, bamboozled, half-baked, half-fried, sissified, punkified, pasteurized, homogenized N*gger that they can trot out in front of you.” -- Khalid Abdul Muhammad of the Nation Of Islam

“The President wants to talk about a terrorist named bin Laden. I don't want to talk about bin Laden. I want to talk about a terrorist called Christopher Columbus. I want to talk about a terrorist called George Washington. I want to talk about a terrorist called Rudy Giuliani. The real terrorists have always been the United Snakes of America.”-- Malik Zulu Shabazz, Nation of Islam

“The white man is our mortal enemy, and we cannot accept him. I will fight to see that vicious beast go down into the lake of fire prepared for him from the beginning, that he never rise again to give any innocent black man, woman or child the hell that he has delighted in pouring on us for 400 years.” -- Louis Farrakhan

"..And then there's Rumsfeld who said of Iraq 'We have our good days and our bad days.' We should put this S.O.B. up against a wall and say 'This is one of our bad days' and pull the trigger." -- From a fund-raising ad put out by the St. Petersburg Democratic Club

"I believe in ecoterrorism." -- James Cameron

"You guys see Live and Let Die, the great Bond film with Yaphet Kotto as the bad guy, Mr. Big? In the end they jam a big CO2 pellet in his face and he blew up. I have to tell you, Rush Limbaugh is looking more and more like Mr. Big, and at some point somebody’s going to jam a CO2 pellet into his head and he’s going to explode like a giant blimp. That day may come. Not yet. But we’ll be there to watch. I think he’s Mr. Big, I think Yaphet Kotto. Are you watching, Rush?" -- PMSNBC Chris Matthews

"Drudge? Aw, Drudge, somebody ought to wrap a strong Republican entrail around his neck and hoist him up about six feet in the air and watch him bounce." -- Mike Malloy, liberal talk radio host

Yup, all that and more is considered fine and dandy, not even worthy of comment by the talking heads of the state-run media or the Pelosis, Reids, and Obamas of this country. What isn’t?

Me: “I believe in the Constitution of the United States.”

Media & Obama Flunkies: “Aiiieee! Terrorist! Hate-monger! Racist! Homophobe! Call the SWAT team! Kill him!”

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