Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Just last time we talked, Union Thug Jimmy "Concrete Loafers" Hoffa Jr. was definitely not calling for violence when he used the word "war" five times and the word "vote" once and wound it all up saying, "Let's take these sonsofbitches out!" Then the other towering intellectual in the Whitehouse, Joe "Jobs is a 3-letter word" Biden, told other union thugs, “It is a fight literally for our right to exist. Don’t misunderstand what this is….You are the only folks keeping the barbarians from the gates.”

There was an eerie silence from the usual suspects in government and media who scream bloody murder about the Tea Party if a members farts. This, apparently, it is not "violent rhetoric" or "hateful speech" or a "lack of civility" when the Left does it. As we've noted before...HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

Shortly afterward,
in Washington state, "Hundreds of Longshoremen stormed the Port of Longview early Thursday, overpowered and held security guards, damaged railroad cars, and dumped grain that is the center of a labor dispute, officials said." I suspect if such things happened and conservatives or libertarians were involved, we would still be hearing the wailing and gnashing of teeth about it on every news outlet.

Now, again only days after Hoffa and Biden violently not calling for violence, union thugs are at it again in, of all places, North Dakota, which helps explain the whole Tom Daschle thing.

"Police say union supporters have directed racial slurs and racist symbols at replacement workers and security personnel outside an American Crystal Sugar plant in North Dakota.

Traill County Sheriff Mike Crocker says there have been racial statements made to security people outside of the company's Hillsboro facility. He says he recently saw a monkey-like figure hanging from a noose attached to a large inflatable rat outside the plant. He says it was removed the next day.

A photo of the monkey hanging from the noose secured to one of the inflatable rat’s claws has also been circulating on the Internet. The photo features a sign with American Crystal President and CEO Dave Berg's name on it.

The Grand Forks Herald reported Tuesday that many of the replacement workers are from Southern states, and some are minorities."

Racism? I thought that was only a Tea Party thing? And you didn't hear of of this trumpeted from the rooftops in feigned rage by the press and the usual two-faced politicians

While on the subject of unions and inciting shit and rage, we now have "The Day of Rage" supposedly coming up on Wall Street.

"A US Day of Rage is the title given to a day of ostensibly “non-violent” civil disobedience orchestrated by a group of radicals — that reportedly include SEIU's Stephen Lerner and ACORN founder Wade Rathke (who, coincidentally, formerly served as president of SEIU’s local New Orleans branch) — targeting Wall Street and U.S. capitalism. It’s worth noting that the title of the movement — if its intentions are indeed non-violent in nature — appears to contradict itself slightly."
Nothing like non-violent rage. What, you haven't heard about this in the news? Why am I not surprised? Frankly, I'm just too damned tired to even point out the hypocrisy of it all anymore.

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