Thursday, October 11, 2012

Suicide Prevention Plan: Take Soldiers' Guns

From the UK Daily Mail:

"With nearly half of all suicides in the U.S. military committed with a privately owned firearm, Congress and the Pentagon are moving to implement policies that will discourage at-risk members of the armed forces from retaining their personal weapons."

Couldn't any member be said to be "at-risk?"


"Another significant step is the fact that Congress appear willing to implement legislation which would allow mental health counsellors and commanders to discuss the issues of privately owned weapons with the troops."

Discuss the issues of privately owned weapons? In other words propagandize against private ownership. The mental health community is famously anti-gun anyway.

"The measure would amend last year’s legislation, that prohibited the Defence Department from collecting information from members of the armed forces about lawfully owned, personal firearms."

Registration, always the precursor to confiscation.

Thanks for volunteering to defend our Constitutional rights Boys, but forget about yours.

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