Thursday, March 19, 2020


I recently learned a valuable lesson about how the Left can effectively censor anything they don’t like on social media.
            For example, I could say that the economy under Obama was shit because the GDP was down to 1.5%, we lost more than 300,000 manufacturing jobs, had the lowest home ownership in 51 years, he added more to the national debt than all other previous presidents combined, we had the lowest labor participation rate since the 1970’s, and Obama Care wound up costing the average family 43% more for their healthcare coverage.
            Immediately, some self-proclaimed neutral third-party fact checker would immediately argue my whole premise was false because, by their figures, health care costs only went up 42.8%. Then, in the name of fairness, Facebook would censor the whole thing because, hey, we can't let that whole Freedom of Speech thing apply to just anyone.
            Really, I should have known better than to expect anything else. Perhaps you may remember when Obama said, “If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. If you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan, period.” Then Obama Care passed and millions of people lost the doctor and health care plan they wanted to keep.
            If anyone dared to even mention that annoying little fact, they were immediately blasted by the Leftist establishments. “You moron! When he said you could keep your doctor and plan, period, he obviously didn’t actually mean that you could keep your doctor and plan, period. It was supposed to be a semi-colon. And if you even dare to insinuate he was less than truthful in any way, we shall forever publicly brand you an evil knee-jerk reactionary racist bigot.”
            So, having learned that valuable lesson, for today’s rant I will refrain from using any actual numbers or direct quotes. Instead, I’ll take a page from their playbook and use only vague generalities like, “The economy really went to shit.”
            At any rate, we’re going to compare some economic happenings during the Obama administration to some economic happenings during the Trump Administration and see if the media might possibly have shown just a tad bit of bias in how they reported these happenings.

            The economy really goes to shit.
            MSM response: Happy, happy! Joy, joy!

            The economy gets even shittier.
            MSM response: Don’t worry! Be happy!

            The economy continues to swirl down the crapper.
            MSM response: The word “recession” has officially been banned from the English language.

            The economy gets so bad domestic animals are aware of it.
            MSM response: It’s Bush’s fault!

            The economic elephant in the room gets so big no one can pretend not to notice it any longer.
            MSM response: Take heart, o yea of little faith! The Great & Powerful O has a brilliant Stimulus Plan that will fix everything!

            Stimulus Plan fails.
            MSM response: Be patient. It will kick in any time now!

            Stimulus Plan reached Epic Fail status.
            MSM response: Green shoots! Recovery just a wee tad bit slower than predicted, but starting to pick up.

            Stimulus Plan becomes such a joke that aliens from the Planet Zoognud IV begin orbiting earth to watch what they think is a brilliant satirical comedy.
            MSM response: It’s still Bush’s fault!

            Entire economic situation grows even bleaker.
            MSM response: Really, there’s nothing a president can do about the economy. It’s beyond his power to influence such things. You can’t put it on him or his policies!

            Pigeons in Central Park lose their jobs.
            MSM response. It’s the new norm. It’s the way of the world. Suck it up.

            Trump is elected.
            MSM response: AAAIIIEEE! Trump is Hitler! It’s the end of the world as we know it! We are all doomed! DOOMED!

            Jobs grow, unemployment goes down.
            MSM response: AAAIIIEEE! Trump is Hitler! It’s the end of the world as we know it! We are all doomed! DOOMED!

            Longest bull market in American history.
            MSM response: AAAIIIEEE! Trump is Hitler! It’s the end of the world as we know it! We are all doomed! DOOMED!

            Wages grow fastest in low-wage industries.
            MSM response: AAAIIIEEE! Trump is Hitler! It’s the end of the world as we know it! We are all doomed! DOOMED!

            Economy becomes so good not even the MSM can deny it any longer.
            MSM response: Hallelujah! Obama’s Stimulus Plan is kicking it! 

            The economy…

            SMASHING NOISES and GUNFIRE as Net Neutrality Task Force SWAT team storms my house.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020


I freely confess to having hated social media from the very beginning, and not just because of the word “media”. First, email made us too lazy to write actual letters anymore, and now posting and texting makes us too lazy to even email. I held out for many years but finally got badgered into getting a Facebook account.
            Basically, I've just avoided anything political because even within my circle of friends and family there are a few who go into Pavlovian attack mode, triggered by certain words or phrases, such as “keep and bear arms”. And knew I knew the Facebook powers-that-be were left-wing kooks who would immediately censor anything they really disagreed with.
            Recently, I happened to share the post at the top of the page when I saw it on a friend’s page for a couple of reasons. One, it made me chuckle a bit. Two, it was a simple but brilliant in-your-face example of the just how biased and deceitful the MSM truly is these days.
            Naturally, I was immediately taken to task by a self-proclaimed “independent fact-checker”, an entity officially approved by the Facebook Thought Police. Think of Stalin or Khrushchev vindicating himself by saying his “facts” were independently checked by Pravda and Tass.
            As usual, the gist of the whole deal was wanting to quibble about a couple of numbers in order to confuse, distract and obfuscate attention away from the entire point of the post…media bias.
            I was also amused, and a little nauseated, by the whole pompous “fact-checking” proclamation. For the entire eight years of the previous presidential administration, the media did no fact-checking whatsoever, with the sole exception of the time that Saturday Night Live FINALLY did a really soft and bland Obama skit. The next day every major media outlet was just “fact-checking” the living hell out of the SNL skit. That was the only time during the entire Obama Administration I ever even heard them use the phrase “fact-check”. Which is not surprising considering that their entire coverage of the economy during those 8 years was entirely fictional.
What really amazed me is how much more fictional they’ve gotten since. Just when you think they’ve reached the very bottom layer of the sewer and can’t crawl any deeper…I weep for all the satirists who’ve been put out of work.  
            Additionally, it’s also kind of funny how the Leftists are such great and holy self-proclaimed champions of Civil Rights, right up to the point someone else’s opinion disagrees with theirs in the slightest. Knowing who and what they were, I have traditionally just given them a pass when, in their championing of the Bill of Rights, they completely discard the 2nd Amendment outright. And pretty much ignore the 10th. And the 5th if there is a “Hate Crime” involved.
            Their hypocrisy about the 1st, though, tends to go a bit far. I’m not even going to bring up their whole stand on “separation of church and state”, a phrase that has been strangely absent from every copy of the Bill of Rights I’ve ever seen.
            No, I mean that everyone has the inalienable right to Freedom of Speech…but only as long as that speech agrees with the Leftists. The moment it doesn’t, it’s time for some good old-fashioned censorship. Any speech that doesn’t express the politically correct leftist-approved Party Line must be ruthlessly rooted out, suppressed, edited, deleted, cut, muzzled, silenced. Even some smartass quip on social media.
            When you boil it all down, Civil Rights as approved by the Politically Correct Thought Police actually only cover two things: the right for Leftists to be offended by and suppress anything anyone else says and the right of pedophiles to take your son’s Boy Scout Troop camping.
            So if you’re one of those Right Wing extremist kooks who actually thinks Freedom of Speech means that you can actually express your own opinion, just shut your piehole, turn off your brain entirely, and keep repeating the following phrase.
War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength.