Saturday, November 17, 2007


This guy stands for Freedom, not Freebies.

More years ago than I care to relate, I was manning a display booth for the National Guard at a county fair back in Iowa. Along comes this big fat slob of a guy. Unshaven, rumbled old clothes, reeking of alcohal and cigarettes, and about a hundred pounds overweight. He had a smoke in the corner of his mouth, and a cheese-stuffed chocolate-dipped deep-fat-fried turkey drumstrick in one hand. In his other hand was a big old grocery bag and he was going from table to table snatching up everything free. He came to my table, glared at me, then began scrabbling across the table with his chubby little claws scarfing up all the goodies; pens, pencils, notebooks, key chains.

Then he came to a free booklet that contained the United States Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Bill of Rights. His greasy fat fingers engulfed it. He raised it to his squinty eyes. He read what was contained within the booklet.

Then he dropped it like it was a live puff adder. "(Expletive deleted)!" he snarled at me, glaring even more fiercely. "I don't want THAT (Expletive deleted)!"

With that, he stomped right out of the building. Within 10 or 15 minutes, the air had cleared to non-toxic levels and I was able to remove my gas mask. I later heard that Big Fat Sheeple, as I came to dub the individual, was banned from the 4-H Livestock Barn as he offended the pigs.

Big Fat Sheeple quickly became my unconscious example of the Ugly American Public. I thought for many years that a sadly large portion of our populace was represented by Big Fat Sheeple. They just want free stuff, they don't want freedom. Freedom entails taking care of yourself and your family, excersizing responsibility, and taking credit for your own actions and their repurcussions, both good and bad. Sheeple want all decisions made for them and don't want to be held responsible for anything they do. Which explains welfare and dish TV (Bread & Circuses), the mainstream media, academia, and a host of government entitlement programs and entities.

Now I am coming to hopefully (wishfully?) consider that maybe Big Fat Sheeple and his ilk do not constitute an overwhelming majority of the American populace. Of course, it's the Ron Paul Revolution that's given me that glimmer of hope. Despite the efforts of the mainstream media and the GOP itself to shut him out, down and up, Ron Paul is still gaining momentum. And it's all coming from little people, ordinary folks, the rank-and-file, the grassroots. I live in a town of 900. The only 2008 election signs I've yet to see are, to date, a half a dozen big ones for Ron Paul. Likewise, the only political bumper stickers I see in my small town are also for Ron Paul. The other day in Missoula, a college kid flagged the wife and I down just to give us a cheer and big thumb's up for our Ron Paul bumper sticker.

Despite being brainwashed by a self-important media that's about as fair and balanced as Pravda, and official governmental press releases as reliable as those sent out by Joseph Goebbels, more and more people are starting to see through the smokescreen despite our orders to, "PAY NO ATTENTION TO THAT MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN!"

Yesterday, I read a very grudging AP story that reluctantly acknowledged Ron Paul's growing momentum and support. He's coming up in the polls steadily all the time. He's won more straw polls than the other GOP talking heads. In fact, the GOP recently shut down a straw poll in Colorado because too many Ron Paul supporters showed up. The Guy Faulk's Day "Money Bomb" was a recrod-breaking one-day fund-raiser that netted over $4 million for the campaign; this is even more notable because it was almost all small donations from a very large group of "little people". Lobbyists, major industries, and the Red Chinese were not among the donors. "Conservative" talk show host Yawn Hannity is frothing at the mouth against Ron Paul and recently a Faux news exec was caught on tape demanding that the camera crew keep out shots of Ron Paul supporters at a recent Chicago political event. Despite this, Paul was even on Jay Leno not long ago.

So, the little people are fed up and are finally being heard despite a hearty dose of GOP and media censorship. Our voices are finally growing too loud to be ignored. The best thing we can do is to increase the pressure.

Got a yard? Put up a Ron Paul yard sign. Got a bumper? Get a bumper sticker. Got ten bucks? Make a donation to the campaign and, if you're still a registered Republikrat, tell them where you sent your $$ the next time the GOP calls on one of their Beg-A-Thons. Call local talk radio and write letters to the editor. Copy and leave fliers. Talk to people.

Up-coming in December, the weekend of the 15th and 16th, there is going to be a "Sign-Bomb" to follow-up the Guy Faulke's Day Money Bomb. Paul supporters nation-wide are supposed to put up signs that weekend. If you need anymore encouragement, check out this you-tube video.

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Ben said...

Yard Sign: Done. Bumper sticker: Done. Donation: Done. Letters to the editor: Done.

I'm sorry to report that here in occupied Iowa all I see are Hillary yards signs. The only Paul signs I've seen are in my yard and on my bumper. (Hillary also treats the Constitution like a "live puff adder" by the way.)

I have seen some good letters to the editor supporting Dr. Paul though.