Friday, February 15, 2008


This ticks me off so bad I have smoke coming out of my ears, gentle readers. It seems El Presidente Jorge Boosh is finally getting on board with securing the borders. MEXICO'S borders that is. Under something called the Meridia Iniative, the Shrub wants to give MEXICO a 1.4 billion dollar foreign-aid package so they can secure THEIR southern border against illegal immigrants from Central American nations. Mr. "Homeland Security" himself, who toots his own horn about fighting "terror" in Iraq, has left our own southern border wide open despite the 9/11 Report and massive public support for a wall. How come we cna spend billions to secure Iarq's and Mexico's borders, but not our own? Hell, he won't even pardon rail-roaded Border Patrolmen Ramos and Compeon. And, of course, el Presidente is doing all he can to keep Congress from being involved in the whole process. Can't tolerate all those messy checks and balances? Just ignore them!

Think this is too outrageous to be true, even for Dubya? Check out the full story at Michelle Malkin's site.

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