Saturday, July 19, 2008

Quote of the Week

“These kids are malleable. They will follow the leader, they don’t think for themselves, and they are the last ones I want to say, ‘Here’s a gun, and here’s a beer.’ They are not adult; that’s why they’re in the military. They are not adults.”

—Candy Lightner, founder of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, speaking about various state proposals to allow 18-20 year old adults in the military to drink, Fox News, April 7 [Source: reason magazine]


Bawb said...

While I applaud Ms. Lightner's worthy goal of getting drunk drivers off the road and have a low opinion of most of today's "youts"...

Audie Murphy, USA,CMH, enlisted at 16, won the medal at 19, most decorated soldier in USA history.

Harold Agerholm, USMC, CMH, enlisted at 17, killed at 19.

Lewis Bausell, USMC, CMH, enlisted at 17, killed at 20.

Harold Gonsalves, USMC, CMH, enlisted at 17, killed at 19.

William Grabiarz, USA, CMH, killed at 19.

James Hendrix, USA, CMH, won the medal at 19.

Need I go on?

Ben said...

Just so all the readers understand, I don't agree with Ms. Lightner's comment.