Monday, December 26, 2011


Aside from the ordeal of actually closing on our new home and land, detailed above, I have been getting many requests (hi Pat!) for pictures of the new digs. SO, to shut folks up, here is a short "virtual tour" of the new place.

In keeping with Owl Gore's admonishments to "go green", we decided to make the home "aesthetically pleasing" to the natural setting.

The living room window has an awesome view and field of fire.

It is an older model home, as you can see from the 75mm gun instead of the 105mm gun now used to accessorize.

You know those ceiling fans designed to look like the nose of a P40 Flying Tiger? Those are for pussies.

I found the basement a little cramped for my reloading bench and gunsmithing hobbies.

Unwanted guests? Just pop out the back door.

I even had room to set up a little riding trail for my ATV.

Although the back yard is a bit restricted, I did manage to set up my own small rifle range to play with my toys. I got an, "I told you so!" from my wife, though. The neighbors do bitch about the noise for some reason.

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