Friday, July 27, 2012


Maine State Troopers recently seized an "arsenal" of weapons from some nut job which included, according to the reporter:

 "...a fully automatic FN .308-caliber machine gun with a scope and tripod."

I looked and looked at the photo, but just couldn't see any MAG58 in the photograph. For those unfamiliar with military weapons, the illustration below is a "fully automatic FN .308-caliber machine gun with scope and tripod."

Looks like it's time to educate the self-proclaimed "experts' in the media, so well known for their unrelenting accuracy and fact-checking in reporting press, on the proper identification of firearms. The following, I believe, is either a press release from the White House or an AP/Reuters guide (same thing.)


Mattexian said...

I can't believe that the cops busted him for having, what we in Texas would call, "a nice gun collection." I think I can pick out something that might be a FN in .308, and it's even got an eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil "sniper scope" and bipod, perfect for shooting someone from 5 miles away!!!!111!!!

What exactly was his crime again?

Bawb said...

I can't remember what exactly the guy did and don't have the link anymore, but I'm sure the press probably got that part wrong too.

Some guy from Maryland was also arrested around the same time and another "arsenal" seized; 20 guns and (the press made a big deal about this) 400 rounds of ammunition. That's right, 400. A good day's gopher shooting around here.

One of the guys at the FAL Files agrees with you: "What's an arsenal in Maryland is the stuff in Uncle Jerry's closet here in Texas!"