Friday, July 26, 2013


Not that you can really soil a properly brain-washed liberal's mind anyway, but some folks who still bother to try might be hesitant to use Bawb as a reference. Articles containing words and phrases like "shit", "booger", "lib-tards" and "lick my sack" just aren't given the credibility they once were. Plus, we've proven more than once that while sarcasm and satire amuse the hell out of us, the average lib-tard booger shit's mind is incapable of fathoming either concept. No, I don't know what these people do for fun either.

Anyway, here's something a little more scholarly and a little less profane than Bawb's rants about the MSM:

MRC Special Report: The Media Censorship That Put Barack Obama Back in the White House

Here's just a handful of teasers from the full report:
■ Network evening news viewers in 2012 never once heard the embarrassing prediction by Obama’s economic team that passage of the $787 billion “stimulus” would halt the rise of unemployment at 8%. (In reality, the jobless rate stayed above that mark for 44 months, the worst economic performance since the Great Depression.)

■ There was just a single network mention last year (on ABC) of Obama’s broken promise of cutting the federal budget deficit “by half by the end of my first term in office.” Reporters on CBS and NBC never once brought up this inconvenient truth.

■ All three evening newscasts buried official statistics showing record numbers of Americans depending on government handouts for food, and rising poverty more than two years after Team Obama claimed the economy was supposedly recovering.

■ In all of 2012, the network evening newscasts devoted only 61 seconds to talking about how ObamaCare's mandates, regulations and new taxes would hurt small businesses. None of them ever mentioned the official CBO report showing that ObamaCare would cost up to 6 million works their present health insurance.

■ The networks buried news of how Obama squandered more than $500 billion of taxpayer money in loans to the solar company Solyndra, whose biggest investor was a major Obama campaign donor and fundraiser.

■ None of the Big Three evening newscasts mentioned the Fast & Furious scandal.

■ The networks minimized or ignored key information exposing the administration’s lies about the attacks in Benghazi. And, after the President falsely insisted in a debate that he branded the attack as “an act of terror” the very next day, CBS’s 60 Minutes withheld a key video proving this claim to be untrue.
In other news, you may have noticed that the city of Detroit, like Chicago a bastion of all government things liberal, which hasn't elected a Republican since 1962, has filed for bankruptcy. The next time you read Atlas Shrugged, simply substitute "Detroit" for "Starnesville" and it will all make perfect sense. 

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