Tuesday, April 17, 2007


While my heart goes out to the victims and families of victims in the Virginia Tech shootings, other thoughts came to mind as I watched the Drive-By Media Talking Heads practically salivating and writhing with glee as they did their "It's all the GUN'S fault" hit pieces. They seem to think that while laws against felony assault and murder did nothing to deter the shooter, if there were more gun laws he would suddenly wake up and say, "Whoa! I guess I better not break that law, too!"

The misinformation is running rampant. If the press can't even get the tiniest facts straight, how can we accept what else they say. In the past 48 hours, I've heard that the shooter had a 22mm handgun, which would be hard on the wrist as this caliber would be the size of an anti-aircraft cannon. The Euro-weenie Press is blaming Charleton Heston personally and a British "expert" claims Americans can, "Go into any supermarket and purchase high-powered automatic weapons." A TV reporter asked a gun shop owner about pistol functioning: "If I put in a clip and put a bullet in the magazine, is it ready to go?" ABC News and the Brady Bunch are screaming about hi-capacity magazine bans again, even though it doesn't sound like the shooter had hi-cap mags, with at least two witnesses so far describing how he would fire eight rounds and then reload.

But then again, facts and insightful questions are the last thing one gets from the Mainstream Media Circus. One fact is that the college campus banned guns, even for those legally licensed to carry them in the state of Virginia. All this does is let any nut case know he is completely safe, as he will be the only one there with a firearm; i.e. no one will be able to defend themselves against his evil actions. If even one of the victims had a Concealed Carry Permit and was allowed to carry his or her own pistol, this ordeal could have ended rather quickly. The perpetrator of these evil slayings was most likely a coward at heart. And cowards know to pick on helpless, unarmed victims. Virginia Tech's "Safe" Gun-Free Zone could be more appropriately titled "Unarmed Victim Zone."

As it was, the victims did as they have been trained and brain-washed to do. They cowered in fear and were slaughtered like sheeple while awaiting "the authorities", aka The Government, to come make things right. The nation-wide emasculation of the American male, and the Victim Mentality preached by even law enforcement of "Just give up, give the bad guy anything he wants, maybe he'll go away and not hurt you." saw to it that these poor kids were helplessly and hopelessly slain by a madman. With multiple witnesses describing how the shooter stopped to reload on multiple occasions, why didn't a single person think to rush him and whack him with a chair or, this being a college dorm, a beer bottle?

The people of this country are being brainwashed not to resist, anyone or anything. But the fact remains that not even the police can PROTECT you. By Supreme Court decree, they are not even responsible to protect you individually as a person. All they can really do is show up after the fact to fill out the paperwork and fill up the body bags.

In the age in which we live, it is more important than ever to at least be able to defend oneself. Instead, the Talking Heads clamor even more for the rest of us to be disarmed so that the next time this happens even more helpless victims can be slaughtered.

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Ben said...

GOA sent out an alert which contained this, which goes along with what Bawb said:

"It is also worthwhile to note that Virginia Tech is -- because of deliberate policies set by its administration -- a victim disarmament zone, where even those with a state-issued concealed carry permit are denied their right of self-defense.

"In fact, pro-gun forces just last year tried to get the Virginia legislature to address the problem. The bill to allow permit holders to carry on state-supported college campuses died, due in no small part to rabid opposition from Virginia Tech itself.

"VT spokesman Larry Hincker put it this way after it became obvious that the bill would not pass: 'I'm sure the university community is appreciative of the General Assembly's actions because this will help parents, students, faculty and visitors feel safe on our campus.'

"The unfortunate irony continues when one recalls that not long ago, two students at nearby Appalachian School of Law managed to stop a gunman at that institution. Happily, they were able to dash off-campus to retrieve their guns from their vehicles."